15 Best Indian Web series on Voot You Should Consider Bingeing Next!


With a great number of OTT platforms, comes a great deal of confusion. With OTT platforms thriving in post-Jio India, it has become quite difficult to keep track of all the different shows coming out at the speed of light. But do not worry, we’re here to guide you through some of your best options if you’re thinking of subscribing (or have already subscribed) to a new platform. Check out this corner to find our comprehensive lists of shows you can watch on the internet! With that, we bring you 15 Indian web series on Voot you can consider bingeing next!


1. Asur

Set in the city of Varanasi and probably the most famous title of all Voot Originals, Asur follows the story of a forensic expert turned teacher, Nikhil Nair, who is forced to revisit his CBI roots when a serial killer seems to be using religious motifs in his murders. This is a must-watch Indian web series on Voot. 

2. It’s Not That Simple

In this mini-series, Swara Bhasker plays the role of an unhappy housewife stuck in an uneventful marriage. When she is invited to her school reunion, she meets two of her friends whom she “almost” dated. 

3. Marzi

After much deliberation and thought, Sameera finally decides to go on a date after an ugly break up. While her evening with Anurag, a surgeon by profession, seems to go well at first, she wakes up the next morning to find herself sexually assaulted, convinced that Anurag is the culprit. 

4. The Raikar Case

After the youngest son of a family is found dead, the police quickly rule out suicide as a cause of death. Consequently, the rest of the family is brought in for questioning, and while the family seems normal at first, secrets slowly begin to unfold. 

5. Illegal: Justice Out of Order

A young lawyer, Niharika, is hired by a firm to work on a case involving rape and sexual assault, and goes on to make several revelations. However, she is abruptly taken off of the case she had been hired to work on. 

6. The Gone Game

In the middle of the pandemic, Sahil begins showing symptoms of covid and then supposedly dies. While his family is at first told he died from covid, they soon begin to suspect there are murkier things at play. 

7. Crackdown

The show follows the story of a team of RAW agents trying to uncover a conspiracy that can potentially endanger India’s security. For doing so, they hire a woman named Divya, who looks exactly like Mariam, a militant’s erstwhile lover. 

8. Sumer Singh Case Files 


A diligent and honest officer named Sumer moves to Delhi, where he finds a case involving four girls who are supposedly best friends, but are hiding dark secrets from each other. 

9. Khwabon Ke Parindey

After her graduation, Bindiya convinces two of her friends – Megha and Dixit, to accompany her on a crazy road trip from Melbourne to Perth. 

10. Time Out

Things seem to be working perfectly for young couple Rahul and Radha, until Radha announces that she is pregnant, which takes Rahul by surprise, and he begins to introspect whether he really wants to be in a marriage. 

11. Apaharan 2

The second season of the thriller series Apaharan has Rudra trying to handle his personal and professional life, where he is tasked with a RAW mission on the one hand while trying to solve his wife’s addiction on the other. This is undoubtedly one of the best Indian web series on Voot.

12. Code M

Code M is a series revolving around army lawyer Monica Mehra starts investigating a case involving a death. Watch the series to find out the secrets she uncovers.

13. London Files

Detective Om Singh takes on an investigation and tries to bring it to fruition under the peculiar circumstances of London. Starring Arjun Rampal, Medha Rana and Purab Kohli, this one is a must-watch.

14. Candy

Starring Richa Chaddha and Ronit Roy, this series sets off with the murder of a high school student, and a teacher and an officer’s joint effort to investigate the same.

15. Shaadi Boys

A group of three boys start a “shaadi” business. What happens when they get their first break? Watch this series starring Rishabh Chadha, Akash Ahuja and Abhinav Varma to find out!


Did you like our suggestions for the best Indian web series on Voot? Comment below to tell us what you plan on watching next!

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