10 Best Indian YouTube Channels to Learn Guitar The Easiest Way


Playing an instrument is one of the biggest stress-busters out there. Drown yourself in the notes, and everything that was bothering you suddenly seems minuscule. Learning to play an instrument is also a great way to develop a better appreciation for music. Needless to say, the awed stares you draw from the crowd as an accomplished player can boost your confidence like nothing else. What better way than the humble guitar to begin your musical journey? Here are the 10 best Indian YouTube channels to learn guitar.


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1. Acoustic Pahadi 

The channel, with 1.19 million subscribers, is run by a guy named Sandy. He is from Uttarakhand, and is extremely passionate about teaching people to play the guitar. He tries to make guitar playing a smooth experience for everyone. He has chord lessons of several popular Bollywood songs up on his channel, which you must take a look at.


2. Adit’s Guitar Lessons

Adit Kundra is the man behind this endeavour, who believes that one must not stick only to beginner-friendly patterns to master the art. He posts not only chord lessons for popular pieces, but also tips on how to master advanced techniques and even has videos discussing music theory, guitar maintenance tips, and the like. His channel has 215K subscribers.


3. Musical Mahesh

With 314K subscribers, Mahesh is a music lover and a self-taught musician who is an enthusiastic tutor. Along with lessons on chord construction and musical theory, he also posts motivational speeches and videos to urge budding artists to not give up.


4. Guitar Adda

Amit Thapa, the brains behind Guitar Adda is a musician from Jammu and Kashmir currently based in Chandigarh. He has 202K subscribers, and posts videos teaching the various techniques of playing guitar. His videos are a must if you want detailed lessons that are simple enough to grasp quickly.

5. Aman Panotra

One unique thing about Panotra’s channel is the fact that he includes “guess the chord” videos for training a musician’s ears. The channel has 499K subscribers, and are rather helpful if you want someone to break down the basics of guitar for you.




With 485K subscribers, this channel is run by a self-taught guitarist from Ayodhya. He has courses to learn playing the ukulele and electric guitar as well, and also does regular unboxing and review videos.


7. Veer Kumar

Again, a great option if you want to get your basics to guitar playing right. Kumar has dedicated playlists to teach fundamental skills, beginner-friendly tutorials and even videos addressing commonly faced problems. He has 632K subscribers, and even has an original piece coming up.

8. Sagar Roy 

Roy is a musician from Bhubaneshwar, Odisha and his videos can teach you techniques like finger plucking and strumming. He even has a course for learning guitar in 21 days, which is perfect for those of you looking to master this skill quickly. His channel has 362K subscribers.


9. Rajshree Learn

This is one dynamic channel where you can find tutorials of Hindi as well as Marathi songs on guitar. There are videos to teach you the basics of how to play the tabla as well. The videos about the fundamentals of music theory are absolute essentials for anyone looking to venture into the world of guitar.

10. Pawan Jalan

Pawan Jalan is an experienced musician and tutor, with 84.1K subscribers on his channel. He has been creating videos since 2007, and his content ranges from teaching chords to old and new hit songs to songs sorted by scale and chord. The plethora of tutorials on his channel are just what you need to practice and perfect the art.

Did these 10 best Indian YouTube channels to learn guitar get you started on your way to become the next Patrzalek? Let us know in the comments.

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