25 Indians Who Should Be Jailed For The Murder Of English Language

India won its independence from the clutches of British back in 1947, but unfortunately, Indians’ colonial hangover has lasted forever. Being able to speak in English is still considered a big deal and many feel that being fluent in the Queen’s language is a sure shot ticket to success. But alas, languages can be tricky and master one that isn’t your mother tongue isn’t everyone’s cup of chai. However, try we must. Here are 25 Indians who tried real hard and yet, miserably failed at English. But in the process of it all, left us ROFL-ing. Read on, laugh on.

1) “Baggers” better beware!

2) That must have been some unsightly scene!

3) Is it a “plane”? Is it a “paint”? No, it’s just terrible English!

4) I wonder where he got his “low” degree from?

5) A missing apostrophe can take you from “Anu’s” to something rather unpleasant.

6) I don’t think he/she should be running English coaching classes.

7) That might lead to a lawsuit.

8) That’s not a fair trade.

9) Don’t be “animals type” and use a loo instead.

10) You can get a haircut and a chilled beer here.

11) Speaking of chilled beer.

12) What do you call a friend who doesn’t share his beer? An “alcohole”!

13) Head here if you want to look “buty-ful”.

14) Why’d someone want to take a bath there?

15) Or who’d want a “cum” bath?

16) If you’re looking for a little “action”, you know where to go.

17) No “lalas” allowed here!

18) Interested in a quick “ficial” followed by death?

19) Someone call the child services!

20) Stop cutting children, for God’s sake!

21) Horrible!

22) Rs. 15 isn’t a bad deal though, if you’re desperate for one.

23) That’ll leave a bad taste in your mouth for sure.

24) For all you “psychos” out there.

25) Not a bad deal but definitely illegal.

That was phunny, no? Time for you to tag all you’re frands on this!

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