20 Inspiring Dialogues from Famous Hollywood Flicks

There are movies that stay with us,  and there are movies we want to forget, but every once in a while we watch a movie that consumes us. With amazing scripts, skillful acting, and fantastic direction, some movies resonate with what’s in our hearts. Such movies inspire us with their dialogues and give away legendary quotes on many facets of life. We’ve scraped together 20 Inspiring Hollywood Dialogues from Famous Flicks that teach us lessons about life.

1. A lesson for life from one lion to another.

2. For all the oddballs out there.

3. Life is one’s, and only one’s own after all.

4. Choices are what truly ever matter.

5. “Inner peace! Inner Peace! Inner Peace”

6. Life is the most tough contest of them all

7. The grass is always green on the other side.

8. “If you want something, go get it. Period.”

9. There is a Shrek inside us all

10. The more one sweats in peace, the less one bleeds at war!

11. Words to grow by!

12. Never regret anything that has passed by.

13. You do not deserve less, you deserve just as much.

14. Well life really is a box of chocolates, and sometimes the chocolate has raisins.

15. What really is the purpose of life?

16. As mentioned above, life is all about choices.

17. Time is not infinite, and neither are the choices in life.

18. Life is an opportunity on the whole.

19. What is the use of finding things that have no use?

20. “The sun is the same in a relative way but you’re older..” –Pink Floyd

There are millions of dialogues that resonate with billions of viewers. This is only a small list of inspiring Hollywood quotes from Famous flicks, but we hope that maybe you were able to connect with some of them.

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Let us know your thoughts and your favourite dialogues in the comment section below.

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