20 Inspiring Jay Shetty Quotes To Transform Your Life

Jay Shetty has emerged as one of the most influential motivational speakers and purpose coaches in recent years. To escape the corporate jungle when he was just 21, Jay decided to become a monk and serve humanity. His 3 years of experience as a monk in India transformed him as a person. He made it his mission to help everyone to achieve their full potential by sharing with them his reformed outlook towards life. He used his struggles and tribulations as the basis for understanding what others go through. His fresh and revitalizing way of looking at the world is indeed inspiring. His videos, podcasts, courses, and the book Think Like A Monk, continue to change lives on a regular basis. Here’s a list of some of the best Jay Shetty quotes that will transform your life.

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1.  Self-love is the ultimate key to happiness!

2. Ideas are nothing if there isn’t a mind propelling them in the right direction.

3. An inward journey meant for the exploration of one’s soul!

4. Focus on the present instead of dwelling in the past.

5. What’s the point of degrees, knowledge, and expertise, anyway?

6. Not gratification, but gratitude!

7. It is important to be true to one’s self in order to be true to others.

8. Not many people make you their priority. If someone does, treasure them.

9. Just go with the flow. Don’t stress.

10. Never attach your sense of happiness to your success. They are two very different things.

11. Not many people dare to go the extra mile, be one of the few who do.

12. Never settle for any less than what you really want.

13. You can know yourself by knowing what you are not.

14. Every tough situation is a lesson in disguise. Look out for that lesson and ignore the darkness.

15. Even if you get multiple rejections, you only need one approval. Strive for that.

16. A mentor knows you through and through and can see what we often overlook.

17. Love never hurts, people do. Find someone who knows how to love.

18. Kids have the most creative ideas for their future, it’s always inspiring. 

19. We always know what we want, we just need a thrust to realize it.

20. Dumbledore, is that you? 

These quotes really have a calming aura to them. It is rightly said that words have the power to change lives. Which of these Jay Shetty quotes did you like the best? Do let me know in the comments section.


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