20 Facts About The Brilliant Bihar


Bihar needs no introduction. We all know Bihar very well. We have seen them in our next door neighbors who are fond of litti chokha and Chathh puja, and the pan spitting side actors of the Bollywood films and walked past them, rolling our eyes. But, then there is much more to Bihar than what meets the eye. Bihar comes from Sanskrit word, ”Vihaar”, which means home and literally it has been home to some of the most important historical figures, discoveries and inventions. Let us look at the facts below, to know some of the lesser-known facts about the brilliant Bihar.

1. The renowned Mathematician, Aryabhata hailed from here

Aryabhatta founder of Zero

2. Home to many ancient Emperors

Land of Maurya and Gupta Dynasty

3. Birthplace of the first president

India first president

4. Need wifi? You got it!

Worlds longest free WiFi Zone

5. Oldest alma mater

World's oldest university

6. So many people in Patna

Inhabited City

7. The start of Jainism

Lord Mahavira

8. The interesting mythologies of this state

Bodhi Tree 

9. Bihar is home to a record holder politician

Facts about Bihar

10. Booth Capturing started from Bihar

Facts about Bihar


11. Asia’s oldest and longest

Grand Trunk road

12. The gun master of all states

Katta Factory

13. Home to many revolutionary movements

Champaran Bihar

14. Strong farmers of Bihar

Facts about Bihar

15. The rich historical background of Bihar


16. Only Vedic festival of India

Chhath Puja

17. Myths and beliefs of Bihar

Mandar Parvat

18. Produces the delicious variety of Litchi 

China Litchi

19. Is one of the largest Garuda Rescue areas


20. The longest bridge of India

Ganga Setu

The state with the hallowed Buddhist circuit and more than normal level of chaos has a special place in the hearts of Indians, and must remain so!

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