19 Facts About The Glorious Gujarat

Lying on the west coast of India is the state of Gujarat located between Rajasthan and Maharashtra. It is the land of Lord Krishna and Dwarka. In contemporary times, it is among one of the most developed states in India and boasts of robust infrastructure, economic and financial growth.


Let us find out some of the interesting facts about the land of lions and legends below.

1. Has a vast coastline

Longest Coastline

2. Home to an ancient religion


3. Historic shipbuilding factory

oldest ship factory

4. The Oh So Tall Kalo Dungar!

Kalo Dungar

5. The eccentric Gujarat rituals

Dattatreya Temple

6. The famous abode of Lord Krishna

Dwarkadheesh Temple

7. The ancient legends of Gujarat

Gomti River

8. Shine bright like a diamond!

City of Diamonds

9. 100% vegetarian pizzas

worlds first vegetarian pizza hut outlet

10. Home to Asiatic Lions

Land of Lions

11. The story behind the logo of SBI

SBI Logo was inspired by Kankaria Lake

12. The stingy Jelly Fish lake

Jellyfish Lake

13. A very holy mountain

Hill with 900 temples

14. Gujarat is home to India’s largest district

Kutch District

15. Place of origin of Garba

Garba Dance

16. The open-air theatre of Ahmedabad 

Open air theater in Ahmadabad

17. Home to an ancient civilization


18. India’s Jurassic Park

Dinosaur Park

19. The colorful  world of kites

Patang Baazar in ahmedabad

While the capital of Gujarat, Ahmedabad, can draw you in with its remarkable architecture and excellent dining scene that transcend its chaos, the countryside holds most of this state’s many treasures. It isn’t all about Sabarmati!

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