20 Interesting Facts About The Marvelous Jammu and Kashmir


Jammu and Kashmir is by far the most beautiful, scenic and pristine place on earth, scarred by the disputes over its ownership. Despite this, the beautiful landscape of the Kashmir valley, serenity around Leh and iconic Dal lake and religious shrines in Jammu satiate every traveler’s soul.

Let us look at some of the interesting facts about Jammu and Kashmir.

1. The case of two flags

Update: The abrogation of Article 370 by the Indian Parliament in August 2019 resulted in the complete integration of Jammu & Kashmir to the Indian Union and thus the National Tricolor is the only flag of this region.

2. And two capitals too!

3. Delicious beverages of Kashmir

4. Nature and holism come together

5. Who found the Amarnath cave?

6. The coldest of them all!

7. Jammu plays by its own rules!

Update: The separate constitution of Jammu & Kashmir stands abolished after the abrogation of Article 370 in August 2019

8. The magnificent Pangong Lake

9. The many beautiful birdies of Ladakh


10. Archaic but glorious ruins

11. Leadership in Kashmir

12. Mail on Boat

13. The shimmering water houses

14. Mughal’s favorite vacation spot

15. Jammu and its neighbors

16. Ski away!

17.The ancient Mughal garden

18. Major pilgrimage site

19. You need something to beat that cold!

20. The ever-present Bollywood!

With astonishing sites and scenic views, Jammu & Kashmir has itself deep-rooted in culture and religion. Every step you take, on this heaven on Earth, gives you an opportunity to capture the marvelous beauty that this Indian state surrounds itself with. If only the violence preachers understood that they cannot steal the beauty of this nirvana! Alas!

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