19 Interesting facts about Kerala


Kerala lying in the South is one of the most peaceful and pristine states in India. Distinctive geographical features such as an interconnected stream of backwaters, tea-covered hills of the Western Ghats, beaches and waterfalls offer us soulful experiences that last long.


Let us look at some of the interesting facts about Kerala.

1. Coconuts everywhere!

2. Gold and more gold!

3. Educated all the way!

4. Serving the tourists

5. So many villages and as many banks

6. The state of gold diggers

7. The mesmerizing drive in beach

8. Well! Did he take the job?

9. A brilliant idea executed well!


10. Desi Kung Fu!

11. Double trouble

12. Make it rain!

13. The Butterfly Effect

14. The festive boating

15. Magnificent but difficult art form

16. The port that ruled the Arabian Sea

17. The ancient healer, Ayurveda

18. Love for Elephants

19. A good place to settle in

The land of beautiful backwaters and the new honeymoon destination is a must visit for every Indian. A paradise in disguise is Kerala.

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