20 Interesting Facts About Mizoram

Mizoram literally means Land of the Hill People. Nestled along the mountains that run through the state, Mizoram is known for its pristine hills and caves. Culturally, this region is liberated from cast and gender bars.


Let us have a look at some interesting facts about Mizoram

1. Becoming a part of India

2. Home of many diverse tribes

3. Any football fans out there?

4. Mixing culture with art

5. Jumping on bamboos!

6. Education is important here

7. Kukis & kream?

8. This is how a district became a state

9. Prior to British rule

10. Rats causing havoc

11. Spot of geographical significance

12. Delineating a cave!

13. Cave of the dead!

14. Commodifying bride!

15. Guess nobody told him about family planning!

16. Where does the water go?

17. Serving the planet right!

18. Can you swim like a fish?

19. Spooky?

20. Celebrating Spring!

With charming valleys and distinguished architecture,  Mizoram remains an ever beautiful Indian state. Not only scenic landscape but also deep-rooted culture makes this state a must visit destination.

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