21 Interesting facts about Nagaland

The present Nagaland is a poetic folklore, that has traveled beyond centuries. Surrounded mostly by hills and hillocks, the pristine and rustic state is home to many tribal and sub-tribal groups. Even today most of the tribal customs are preserved and preached here.


Let us look at some of the interesting facts about Nagaland.

1. Birthday of this magnificent land

2. The mountain in between 

3. More tribes mean more culture

4. Only state among 29 to report this phenomenon

5. Christianity prevails all the way here!

6. Celebrating Nagaland!

7. Taking matters into their own hands!

8. No head chopping anymore!

9. Talk about sugar rush!

10. Saving the culture!

11. From two to many celebrations

12. Home of magnificent birds

13. State of many festivals!

14. Airport with a history

15. The martyr ground

16. Fancy some frogs?

17. From the smallest bible to tribal artifacts, this museum got it all!

18. Ancient ruins of a grand palace

19. Bet there’s no WiFi here!

20. Nagaland Mao Massacre?

21. Best of both worlds!

Nagaland is one of those few states that is heavily influenced by its ancient culture. The old ways and customs are still practiced here. A region so rich in heritage and surrounded by beautiful valleys while homing storyful tribes should definitely be visited not just once but many times.

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