13 Interesting facts about Punjab


The Present day Punjab was created out of Punjab Province of British India that was divided between India and Pakistan. Homeland of the Sikh community of India, it is one of the most dynamic, homely and hospitable states. It’s a land of lush, green hilly areas and fields full of crops throughout the year represent rural India in a true sense.

Let us look at some of the interesting facts about this wonderful state..

1. What does this state mean?

2. Birthplace of Sikhism

3. The Punjabi Jawaans

4. The first to host President rule

5. Connected all the way!

6. Haryana and Himachal were a part of this state, once


7. Major steel manufacturer

8. A major producer of essential crops

9. The oldest alma mater

10. The hub of tourists

11. What did they call it during the ancient time?

12. People here are in good health!

13. The pretty pretty Chandigarh


The yellow land of rivers has a beauty unmatched. It needs no monuments, the fields are enough!

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