19 Interesting Facts About The Spectacular Rajasthan

Opulent, grand, vibrant and warm shades of Rajasthan are defined in the word itself, which means the place where the kings reside (Raja-sthan). It is the land of mighty Kings and valiant warriors, Mirabai, Thar Desert, Ranthambore National Park, forts, palaces and intricately woven folklore and fairy tales. The warmth of the red turbans and colorful saris and bangles of people here, often transcend into the warm reception of the outsiders.


Unlike what we see in films, Rajasthan, does offer a lot more than Dal Bati Churma and Khamma Ghani. You can see for yourself in the facts below:

1. India’s first!

Nuclear test at Pokhran

2. It happens only in India!

Temple of Bullet Baba at chotila

3.  The mythical temple of Karni Mata

Karni Mata Temple

4. The ghastly village ruins!

Haunted ruins of Kuldhara and Bhangarh

5. The magnificent Mehrangarh Fort

Mehrangarh Fort

6. Backed by rich history 

Mandodari Hometown

7. Love for the wild!

Kutch wildlife century

8. Home to an ancient civilization 


9.  The enormous Sun watch

World's largest Stone Sun Dial

10. The elegant palace of windows

Hawa Mahal

11. Dancing with the ponies!

Kachchi Ghodi

12. The rainbow state

Land of Colorful Nicknames

13. The enormous animal fest

Pushkar Mela

14. The Naag Pahar

Naag Pahar

15. Beautifully married!

Perfect Destination Place

16. The great wall of Kumbalgarh 

Kumbhalgarh Fort

17. Pretty Havelis studded with paintings

Open air Art Gallery

18. The only Brahma temple

Lord Brahma Temple

19. Pretty but painful!

Sati Marks

The picturesque state of Rajasthan, that may make you regret you don’t have your camera, isn’t just beauty. A story and historical significance at every corner, this state is India’s beauty with elegance!
Khamma Gani

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