Incredible Facts About Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu, lies on the southernmost tip of India. The state is home to some of the oldest living traditions, arts and culture, glimpses of which can be traced in contemporary dance, music and literature. On one hand, it is home to rapidly modernizing Chennai and on the other, it has some of the most pristine and isolated beaches that rejuvenate the soul.


Let us look at some of the lesser-known facts about Tamil Nadu.

1. Ancient writings on present issues!

Temple Inscription at Uthiramerur

2. The colorful corridors of Ramanathaswamy

Longest Corridors of Ramanathaswamy temple

3. The heart of pilgrimage

Ramanathaswamy Temple

4. The game of daredevils

Jallikattu Festival

5. Safe for drinking!

Sweet Siruvani Water

6. The famous Rock Memorial

Vivekanda Rock Memorial

7. Once in a 12-year bloom

Kurinji Flowers

8. Weaver of God

Kancheepuram Pattu

9. Ancient medicines of Tamil Nadu

Siddha Medicine

10. The oldest of them all!

World's oldest language

11. Standing straight

Architectural Marvel

12. Ancient sculptures of Mahabalipuram


13. The delicious delicacies of Chennai

Popular Dish in India, Chennai

14. The reputed Higginbotham

Oldest Bookworm Haven

15. Faced a lot of wrath in World War 1

World War Woes

16. The inventor of snooker

Inventor of Snooker

17. No party rule!

No nationalist party rule in Tamilnadu

18. Founder of mythical Nadi astrology

Nadi Astrology

19. Major automobile maker!

Detroit of Asia

20. The state of donors

Maximum number of organ donors

21. 410 species of flowers

410 species of flowering plants

Be it flowery landscapes or lip smacking cuisines, Tamil Nadu is home to numerous attributes, that make it a spectacular place. This Southernmost and one of the most beautiful states of the country certainly is nation’s pride.

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