19 Interesting Facts About The Treasured Telangana


Rich in art and infused with culture, the South Indian state of Telangana is an abode of alluring architecture that speaks volume of ancient India. Earlier, a part of Andhra Pradesh, this region hosted many dynasties and empires—which is evident in the monuments and historical sites that the state is famous for today.
To tell you more, we bring you a bunch of interesting facts about the tranquil Telangana.


1. Newest addition to India

2. Why do they call it Telangana?

3.Shares her capital with Andhra Pradesh

4. State of 31 districts

5. Has a Ganges of her own

6. Talk about a swim!

7. 12 could be the lucky no. of the state

8. Let’s go back in time!

9. Shined bright like a diamond!

10. Not 10 0r 20, but 1000


11. Neighbouring states

12. Nature at its tallest

13. Land of farmers

14. Breaking the agrarian image

15. Bi lingual state

16. Claiming a separate identity

17. You know this wonderful athlete

18. Praising architecture

19. What do people preach here?

History and nature are the pillars that Telangana stands on. With many revolutionary movements, this beautiful state boasts of unity. It’s a place of naturally pleasant sites mixed with manmade wonders.
Here’s to Telangana for bringing such variety to the nation.

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