15 Interesting Facts About Yoga That Will Surprise You


India contributed to the world in endless ways. Be it groundbreaking discoveries that led to the existence of the number systems or invaluable inventions that gave birth to Wireless Communication. But one exceptional Indian finding that revolutionised health culture all over the world is Yoga. This more than 5000-year-old practice can vaguely be called a mix of meditation and exercise, which connects your mind and body. It does more than just calming you down and making you flexible, it builds strength, relieves pain and smoothens other health parameters. So, here are some interesting facts about Yoga that will surprise you.

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1. Yoga connects!

2. Keeps your mind at peace

3. Builds your health

4. No to overeating!

5.Woof Woof!

6. The sun and the moon


7. Are you Yogi or Yogini?

8. The massive Asana

9. Let the face do the Yoga!

10. Beyond 100!

11. The energy flow

12. Happy dating!

13. Say no to OCD!

14. Can you do it?

15. Goodnight, sweet dreams

Regarded as one of the most breakthrough recognition of Globalization, Yoga improves your health holistically and makes you more stable. It may seem like a challenge to master asanas but once done, you reap their benefits throughout your life.
Namaste! Hope you liked this list of interesting facts about Yoga. Do let us know in the comments.

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