20 Fascinating Facts About West Bengal

West Bengal is marked by distinctive geographical features, mouth-watering delicacies and cheap means of transport. The scenic beauty of tea gardens of Darjeeling would leave you just as spellbound as the mangroves of the Sundarbans Forest. The city culture is different, traveling in the city feels almost like time travel. Amid rush, people find the little luxury of small talks, laughter, devouring street foods and traveling in trams instead of buses.

Let us look at some of the fascinating facts about West Bengal.

1. Former Capital City

First Capital of British India

2. The city of many names

Calcutta has many nicknames

3. Grand railway complex

Howrah Station

4. No stop for Calcutta

Howrah Station

5. The world’s busiest bridge

Howrah Bridge

6. Homeland of many literary legends

Nobel Laureates

7. Started Football tournaments in India 

Calcutta Football League

8. The evergreen gigantic Banyan 

Banyan Tree

9. The laborious hand-pulled rickshaws!

City of Hand pulled Rickshaws

10. The enormous Cricket ground

Iconic Eden Garden Cricket Stadium

11. The fusion of cultures

Chinese Cuisine

12. More than a hundred year old port

Oldest operating port of India

13. One of the oldest clubs of Asia

Mohun Bagan

14. Influences from China

Tiretta Bazaar

15. Home to thousands of books

National Library Of India

16. Durga festivities! 

Durga Puja

17. Thank you for this gem


18. The story behind SBI Oldest commercial bank of India

19. Teachings of Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch

20. International Borders

Borderedby Various Countries

Fusion cuisines, festive spirit and literary legends, are some of the things that separate West Bengal from the rest of the nation. This eclectic state boasts a vibrant art scene, delectable cuisine, and a genuinely hospitable population.  And hence, is magnificent in every sense.

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