13 Interesting Villages In India That Would Surprise You

Mahatma Gandhi said that the soul of India lives in its villages. And India being the beautiful place that it is, some weird yet amazing things are bound to be encased in this vast land.
So, let’s have a look at some of the most interesting villages that would surprise you!


1. Twin trouble

2. Land of blind faith 

3. Cleanest Asian village

4. Power never goes out here!

5. We learn, we grow!

6. The urban village

7. Common (noun) names

8. Snap a deal

9. Cobras are welcome here

10. Millionaire’s village

11. Bird lovers’ abode

12. A curse from Sita

13. High and free

The holy feeling of gaon is something that is getting alienated by city dwellers. But just as we say, go back to your villages, they are beautiful and need your attention.

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