Is Online Kabaddi Betting Legal in India?

India and its love for sports is imaginary, we have seen people crying after their favorite team loses a match and celebrating when it does well. People in India are bound emotionally towards sports, specially the indigenous game of Kabaddi. 

Kabaddi is a game of Indian soil, invented hundreds of years ago the game is a symbol of strength and power. Kings in ancient India used to play this game to display their power and superiority.  

Now, after so many years, Kabaddi is still played in the nations but with a few refurbishments. Since the introduction of the Pro Kabaddi League in India, the craze for this game has reached the next level. The tournament is famous for commercializing the game of kabaddi by branding the players, big corporates showing interest in buying teams, and Bollywood stars have also shown interest in the Pro Kabaddi League. In short, we can say that PKL has revolutionised the whole game. 

Apart from huge viewership and fan following, the Pro Kabaddi League is also very popular for online betting and live betting. There are a lot of online sportsbooks in India which offer local players to place bets online on the game of Kabaddi. 

It is the second bet-on sport after cricket in India. Many people in the country still don’t know about kabaddi betting or is online kabaddi betting legal in India? But let me just clear it down for you, it is totally legal to place bets on this sport online using foreign-based online bookmakers. However, land betting is strictly prohibited in India.  

There are no Federal laws in India that state any refrainment from placing bets online. As per the Public Gambling Act of 1867, the law doesn’t state anything about online betting on sports, the laws are still vague.  

Every state in India has the right to revise or introduce its gambling laws which is the reason why some states like Sikkim have allowed online gambling, while other states like Andhra Pradesh have strictly prohibited online gambling activities. 

So, you should study your local, and state online gambling laws if you’re not sure about the legality of online gambling activities in your area.  

How to place bets online on Kabaddi? 

Placing online bets on Kabaddi is just a piece of cake. Similarly, like cricket, you can place wagers online on a number of outcomes like match winner, toss winner, best player, etc. 

  1. For placing bets online the first thing you will need is an online betting site. Finding it can be a heavy task for you. You should keep these norms in your mind while choosing one. 
  • The Betting site should be based offshore: this is an important thing to remember, unless you are placing bets in a foreign-based sportsbook you are not violating any law. According to the Indian Gambling Laws, the betting sites must be offshore and not based in India. However, there isn’t any law that refrains the players from joining these online sports betting sites in the country. 
  • Betting with INR: the most important thing in any online betting site is the mode of currency available. According to the Foreign Exchange Management Act, it is totally illegal for any person to exchange his/her currency outside of a Foreign Exchange Bureau or a Bank. Thus, it automatically becomes necessary for betting sites to accept Indian currency for online betting on sports events like Pro Kabaddi League. 
  1. The next step for placing bets on Kabaddi is to make an account on the betting sites. After selecting the online casinos you have to make an account or register by filling in your login details. This is the best part about these sites you can start placing bets by providing your email or mobile number only.  
  1. After making an account on the online betting sites, now you will have to make a deposit which can be done using Indian Payment methods like Paytm, PhonePe, UPIs, and Bank Transfers. One important thing to remember while making a deposit is to claim your welcome bonus. These online betting sites provide big fat bonuses for placing bets on the Kabaddi matches.  
  1. The last and final step in your Kabaddi betting journey is to withdraw your winnings. You can use the same payment methods that you’ve used for making a deposit. Usually, withdrawals can take 1-3 days to get into your account.  

Our Verdict 

Online Kabaddi betting is going to rise rapidly in India, with its steps towards commercialization, the game is becoming a well-known sport throughout the country. The Pro Kabaddi league has emerged to be the second most popular sport in the nation after cricket.  

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