12 Times Jackie Chan’s Quotes Spoke Louder Than His Actions!

Which artist would advise their fans to not follow them? It takes courage and security in the self to stand by those words and Chan Kong-sang, popularly known as Jackie Chan is one such person, who asked people not to follow him and study computers instead.


Jackie Chan an actor, a martial artist and probably the most successful action heroes in history stepped into the cinematic scene as a stunt double for the legend, Bruce Lee. He escaped the typical “Bruce Lee mould” and started developing techniques and fighting skills that have yet to be paralleled in the world of cinema.

We bring to you 12 Jackie Chan’s quotes that spoke louder than his actions and are bound to inspire.

1) Coming to terms with oneself

2) Boldly telling people not to follow him

3) Inspiring individuality in people

4) He tells us the importance of helping people

5) The will to not give up

6) Telling the true meaning of family

7) His story of success

8) It’s not always the circumstances

9) Fight, isn’t the answer to everything

10) Helping is over & above fighting

11) Not to live in somebody’s shadow

12) Being truthful to the world

Jackie Chan has broken every bone in his body at least once while performing stunts. He even broke his skull when he fell from a height of more than 40 feet, attempting to jump from a building to a tree. A jump that could’ve ended up as fatal but his strong will made him emerge as a fighter in the truest sense.

Such passion, much amazement!

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