15 Best Japanese Movies on Netflix That Are Worth Watching

One of the oldest and the biggest film industries in the world is that of Japan, which as of 2021 ranked fourth in terms of the volume of feature films produced. Japan produced 411 full-length movies in 2011, contributing to US$2.338 billion in box office receipts, or 54.9 percent. The number of people watching these films only keeps increasing. Here is a list of the best Japanese movies on Netflix for those of you who are interested in watching them! Enjoy!

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1. The Fable
An elite gun for hire is ordered to go unnoticed for a year and refrain from killing anyone, but underworld characters soon begin to endanger his newfound peace and quiet.

2. My Long Awaited Love Story
A young romantic game creator doesn’t need men. But she finds herself falling for him when his hopeless client asks for practical dating counsel.

3. Prince Of Legend
Suzaku Kanade, a bilingual “straight A” student with superb looks and exceptional athletic ability, is the scion of the Suzaku Group. He is regarded as a gentlemanly “celebrity prince.” One day, Kanade meets “bad boy prince” Kyogoku Takato, a charismatic figure among the bad boys in the downtown region, thanks to his father’s introduction. The vastly different personalities and worlds that Kanade and Takato inhabit lead them to begin vying for an “essential thing.” The competition also includes Takato’s younger brother Kyogoku Ryu, student union president prince Ayanokoji Aoi, dance prince Red – Tendo Koki, teacher prince Yuki Riichi, and beautician prince Sagasawa Haru.

4. Cherry Boys
Living in a rural community are Shinichi, Tatsuya, and Makoto. They are all 25 years old pals. They are all still virgins, even though they just think about having sex and having women. They made a plan to have sex in order to transform their lives.

5. The Woodsman And The Rain
A film director visits a mountain village with his production and enlists the assistance of the locals to shoot the movie.

6.  Only Yesterday
Taeko Okajima (Miki Imai), an unmarried career lady, makes her first prolonged vacation outside of Tokyo when she visits her sister’s family in rural Yamagata during the annual safflower harvest. Taeko daydreams about her childhood self while riding the train. As her vacation goes on, she experiences lengthy memories of the hardships and little joys of her upbringing and considers whether the young Taeko would have preferred her stressful adult existence.

7. Violet Evergarden
Major Gilbert, Violet Evergarden’s mentor, passed away, and she is having trouble adjusting. But after landing a position as a ghostwriter and starting to write about other people’s feelings, she starts to understand her own. This is one of the best Japanese movies on Netflix.

8. It’s Me, It’s Me
Hitoshi finds a customer’s abandoned cell phone and pretends to be the owner’s kid to call the mother. When he persuades her to transfer money to his bank account, his simple method of getting money becomes much more difficult.

9. Princess Mononoke
The peace that has existed between people, animals, and gods started to break down in the fourteenth century. Young Ashitaka, the main character, gets sickened by an animal attack and turns to the god Shishigami, who resembles a deer, for help. Throughout his journeys, he witnesses people destroying the planet and inviting the wrath of the wolf deity Moro and his human partner Princess Mononoke. Hiskat’s attempts to mediate a settlement between her and the humans only lead to conflict.

10. Spirited Away
Chihiro, 10, and her parents find themselves in a deserted amusement park that is home to otherworldly monsters. She quickly discovers that she must put extra effort to help her parents, who have been transformed into pigs.

11. Howl’s Moving Castle
The Witch of Waste changes Sophie into an elderly woman because she is envious of Sophie’s friendship with the wizard Howl. With the aid of Calcifer and Markl, two of Howl’s buddies, Sophie must discover a means to end the enchantment.

12. The Tales Of Princess Kaguya
A farmer and his wife discover a tiny girl inside a bamboo stalk who magically transforms into a stunning woman. Five men court the girl and must complete impossible tasks in order to win her hand.

13. Ponyo
A goldfish stuck in a bottle is freed by Sosuke. The goldfish, a wizard’s daughter, uses her father’s magic to change into a young lady and falls in love with Sosuke.

14. Five Centimetres Per Second
When a lonely teenager decides to miss his morning lessons in favour of sitting in a lovely garden, he meets a mysterious older woman who shares his feelings of alienation.

15. Garden Of Words
In elementary school, Takaki and Akari get closer over time. When Akari needs to move to a new city, their friendship is put to the test.

This was our list of the best Japanese movies on Netflix. Do you like them? Let us know in the comments.

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