Here Are The Best 12 Jolly LLB Meme Templates On The Internet


The Jolly LLB series was one of the best court room dramas we saw in Bollywood recently. Spanning over two movies and starring actors like Arshad Warsi, Boman Irani, Saurabh Shukla, Akshay Kumar and Annu Kapoor, the Jolly LLB series was a delight for the Bollywood fans. Jolly LLB Meme templates have also become popular on the internet since the release of these movies.

Lines from Jolly LLB movies like, ‘Kaun Hai Ye Log? Kahaan Se Aaate Hain?’ have become a part of the pop culture and the meme vocabulary.  Memers, social media users, twitteratis and online audiences have used the dialogues and scenes from this movie time and again to describe news events and everyday life situations.

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We bring you the best Jolly LLB meme templates you will love.

1. When you ask Back benchers to sit in front rows

2. When I see people waking up at 5 am and go for running
Me (Who wakes up at 11 am):

3. Kumar Vishwas: Koi Deewana kehta hai….
14 year old me:

4. When I see people eating poha with ketchup

5. Me after listening Tanishk Bagchi’s remake songs

6. When parents caught me watching porn
My brain:


7. Karan Johar – Hey, you’ll have to come to Koffee with Karan in next episode
Star kid (who’s scared):

8. *Me purposes my English Teacher*
English Teacher: Beta, aap abhi bahot chote ho

14 year old me:

9. When 5 year old me picks up a toy from the shop & insist dad to buy it

10. 14 Year old me and my homies after listening ghost stories 

11. When I’m travelling and passes through a temple

12. Whenever I see Ashok Dinda bowling during a match 

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We hope you enjoyed these Jolly LLB meme templates as much as the movie itself!

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