9 Illustrations That Shows Our Journey With Dad


A father can be so many different things at once. He’s your friend, philosopher, guide, bodyguard, financial advisor, relationship counselor, and so much more! In the journey of life, they are the best co-passengers. Truly, they are our greatest strength. There are so many traits that are typical of a father and trust me, these traits are universal. Let’s explore some of these traits and see if you find them relatable!


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1. The superhero you could always trust

Growing up, we always look up to our fathers as the embodiment of everything perfect. We picture them as the strongest, smartest, and kindest person alive. Almost always giving them a superhero-like stature. We know that we can always trust them, no matter what. We know that they will protect us from all harm.

2. The man who was with you when you took your first steps

The ultimate support system, our fathers held our hands through the very first steps of our lives. And beyond that too, whenever we found ourselves scared and unsure, our fathers helped us walk through it all.

3. The playmate who always had time for you no matter how busy he was

No matter how busy they are, fathers always take out time for their children. They never say no to a piggyback or a pony ride on their backs. They are and will always be our first and best playmates.

4. The man who doubled up as your mom when the need was

Although they sometimes struggle with chores and are clumsy when it comes to emotions, fathers never refrain from helping us out when mothers are not around. No matter how difficult the job your dad is always there to help you out.

5. The one who gives you the strength to face the world


Life is tough, sometimes it is difficult to deal with all the problems and responsibilities that life throws at us. Especially for our parents, who deal with all these responsibilities without letting us know about them or worry about the same. That kind of support from a dad always facilitates the healthy growth of a child.

6. The man who rejoiced every success of yours

He may not be very expressive, but he is the person who is the happiest when you achieve something. It doesn’t even have to be something huge, even the tiny little achievements hold a special place in your father’s heart. Whether you get a job or just clean your room, it really lights up your father’s spirits.

7. The one who secretly admires you

He will never ever say it to your face but he secretly boasts about you in front of everyone else. Be it family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, even strangers! He would make sure to let everyone know about your achievements and merits. He doesn’t praise you much because he wants you to be grounded and humble. We understand, Dad, we really do.

8. The one who’s always there for you

It’s not that he doesn’t trust you. A father is inherently very protective. That’s how fathers are. No matter how old you are, he will always make sure that you are safe, protected, and surrounded by good people.

9. The friend who hated you being single

Fathers pull our legs more than our friends ever could, seriously. Just the mention of a guy or a girl and they jump in with plans for a wedding! It takes a little time, but as you grow old, your father turns into the most chill person you could find on this planet. You can discuss almost anything with them!

There are several traits that are typical to fathers. Be it the lame Dad jokes or the stern voice that has the ability to tame the lion within you. What are some unusually special moments that you share with your father? Do let us know in the comments section.

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