Kathal: A Jackfruit Mystery on Netflix – Here’s Why Should Stream it (or Not)

What would you do if two jackfruits go missing from your garden’s tree? Wait for more to grow, right?  Well, an Indian politician would think differently about this. And Kathal has more layers than just the mystery of Jackfruits that the trailer hints at.

Kathal– a satirical comedy directed by Yashovardhan Mishra has Sanya Malhotra in the major role of a police inspector. The story unfolds in a fictional village in India called ‘Moba’. Mahima Basor (Sanya Malhotra) is a diligent police officer who is fighting her way through village crimes every day. She is given the curious case of two missing ‘exotic breed’ jackfruits from the garden of an MLA! What’s more obscure is that the whole police station is on the line if they are not able to solve the case. As the story unfolds, there come many more cases that are grave and need urgent attention. The story humorously explains the corrupt way the Indian political system works and how people in power misuse it. 

The Cast:

The movie has a stellar star cast including Sanya Malhotra, Anant V. Joshi, Neha Saraf, Gurpal Singh, Vijay Raaz, Rajpal Yadav, and Raghubir Yadav. Sanya Malhotra is shining throughout the movie making the character of Mahima as relatable as it could be.  You will see Rajpal Yadav as a middle-aged news reporter on a local TV channel. He is seen more in the later part of the movie– but he surely proves why he is so famous!

Gurpal Singh and Vijay Raaz bring all the laughter, chaos, and drama in the movie with their witty dialogues and strong screen presence. Raghubir Yadav, in a guest role, steals our hearts with his effortless portrayal of the character. Anant V. Joshi marking his debut with this movie has done a commendable job.

The Plot:

Jackfruits belonging to an exotic breed:  Uncle Hong’s get stolen from the house of an MLA. The MLA has promised Jackfruit pickles of the same breed to the party head in return for a seat ticket. However, things take an ugly turn for the MLA when he finds the only remaining two jackfruits stolen from his garden. In a fit of anger, he approaches the police asking to find the culprit as well as the stolen jackfruits. The case of stolen ‘Kathal’ is then assigned to the police inspector Mahima. Under a lot of pressure, Mahima and her team are forced to investigate the case. While the whole ordeal is going on, Mahima finds out there’s more to this investigation. 

What is it that she finds out? Did they find the jackfruits in the end? Who was the culprit?  The movie finds answers to all these questions, while also raising some more on the way. To find out more about the movie, you can stream it on Netflix!

Why You Should/ Should Not watch it:

1. Humor

Often, movies that depict the harsh realities of our society are set in dark and depressing settings. Though, some movies do the same without you feeling overwhelmed. Kathal is one such movie. However, if you don’t like to see such realities with a pinch of humor, then maybe you could skip this one. You could watch some funny memes from the movie by Netflix here!

2. Uniqueness 

If you compare Kathal with the recent Sonakshi Sinha starrer  ‘Dahaad’– they may be similar on a conceptual level. Though Dahaad is based on a true crime story, Kathal, on the other hand,  tries to talk about social stigmas in a light-hearted manner. Nonetheless, these topics always remain contemporary– corrupt politicians, the caste system, and gender inequality. Kathal touches on all these contemporary issues evoking our emotions while also keeping us entertained. 

3. Interpersonal Police Dynamics

For a change, the movie shows the police personnel as not masculine aliens but rather, as living breathing people who are just like us.  The movie intricately demonstrates the working of people in a police thane and how they carry on with their jobs while also struggling with their personal issues. If you want to know that police not only roar but also live and manage through everyday life like us– Watch Kathal now!

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Final Verdict

Netflix is mostly known to launch mega projects and thriller shows. Kathal is a pickled surprise for all of us! Some of us may like it and some of us may not. However, watching it once is totally worth it. 

Happy Watching!


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