Knowing the Process of Online Ticketing with Trainman

There have been a lot of changes, from the initial days to the present scenes, in the railway industry. And the most important one among all is the introduction of the internet in the train ticket booking processes.  The number of people who visited the train station has been a big issue. Further, their management, query solving, ticket booking, etc., also have been complex.  

To troubleshoot the issues and bring up positives for the potential passengers, the government of India established an extended arm of the Ministry of Railways in the name of IRCTC. The Indian Railway Catering Corporation is an independent body of the government that facilitates ease for the customers on the train and the platform. It has brought so many changes and is continuing to incorporate newer techniques to avoid any hassle.   

IRCTC has partnered with private organizations that offer train ticket booking, PNR checking, live running status of trains, and other such information. All these were the pain points that the passengers used to face before the applications were invented. But now, everyone with an internet connection and a smartphone can know everything at any time at any place. One such application and website owner is Trainman.   

It is a website-cum-application based interface that allows you to book train tickets, check the passenger’s name record (PNR) details, see the live running routes of the train, estimate the time of arrival and departure, etc. All this information is available to you on the screen of your phone. Unlike earlier, you need not go to the railway station, fill up forms, stand in unending queues, and probably waste a lot of time there.   

Trains are one of the best modes of travel for both long and short distances. People generally prefer train over any other medium of transportation because of obvious reasons. Also, winters are approaching, and there cannot be a better time to get your train ticket booking application ready and plan a trip across India. So, if you are anywhere stuck in the process of booking a train ticket online, this guide is for you. You can follow up and get your bags ready for your most awaited journey.    

  1. The first step is to download the Trainman application. You can also go to the website and start with the process. But we know that train travel is not a one-time thing. So, having an application on your phone becomes handy. The application comes with lots of offers too.   
  1. Once you have downloaded the application, you will land on the first page displaying the search boxes. You can check the train schedules and routes. Once you find the way and train that suits you, you can select the same.  
  1. Then, you are supposed to fill in the traveler details. These include name, address, city, pin code, phone number, gender, age, etc. You are also allowed to choose the class of the train and the berth preference during train ticket booking from the application.  
  1. After filling in the details, you get redirected to the payment gateway. Then, you get multiple options to process the payment, including debit card, credit card, UPI, internet banking, etc. It makes the app more functional, and you do not have to struggle a lot.  
  1. Next is a crucial step. You need to fill in your original IRCTC account number and password. Without this, you cannot proceed with the ticket booking. Trainman is only a partner of IRCTC, and for booking the train tickets, you have to register on the IRCTC website only.  
  1. After successfully entering the IRCTC username and password, your tickets will be confirmed. You will receive the information via email or an SMS. The best thing about applications is that you do not have to worry about carrying paper train tickets everywhere. Managing e-tickets is more accessible, and there is significantly less or no chance to forget them.   

After completion of the above steps, you can say that you have finished the train ticket booking. Bow, you will also receive a PNR number mentioned on the train ticket. This PNR number shows the details of the ticket and its status.   

Whether your ticket is confirmed, waitlisted, RAC, or canceled, you can see all this freely on your phone with this PNR number. With the forward movement in time, there have been so many other changes too.   

IRCTC has provided many benefits. Things have become more manageable, and the passengers are given utmost priority. Their priorities are given importance, and the railway ministry worked to find out a suitable solution.   

And then came in the third-party applications that have partnered with IRCTC to give equal opportunities to all. So, now, you need not worry about delays or postponed vacations. Your train ticket booking will be on time and so will be everything else.   

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