10 Koi Mil Gaya Meme Templates From The Movie’s Scenes & Dialogues

As a school going kid, Koi Mil Gaya was one of the most exciting and thrilling movies I had watched. It was the first time we were seeing a story involving aliens in a main stream and big budget Bollywood movie and Jadoo was absolutely a delight to watch. Who can forgot the amazing basketball match sequence in the movie. While the movie captured mine imagination in the early 2000s, Koi Mil Gaya meme templates gives me a hearty laugh as an adult while taking me down the memory lane.

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Koi Mil Gaya was a critical as well as a commercial success. Actor Hrithik Roshan was especially lauded for his role of a mentally challenged boy. The main characters of these movie were students who were on a mission to save Jadoo and that made it a especial favorite of the school going students.

Here in this article, I have listed down some of my favorite Koi Mil Gaya Meme Templates.

1. Dog lovers when they see a cute puppy 

2. When I visit a bank
Counter 1: counter 3 pe jaiye
Counter 3: counter 1 pe jaiye

3. When a 5-year-old kid ask – main kaise paida hua tha?

4. Mom: Ghar kab tak aa raha hai?
Me: time lagega thoda
Mom: ras malai mangai hai


6. When your relatives ask you to fix the fan
Engineer me:

7. *When she commits a mistake*

8. *When you commit a mistake*

9. When you see your food coming v/s when the food wasn’t for you.

10. Everyone: Why media isn’t talking about unemployment, GDP, and other real issues.
Media (who is busy talking about Kangana/Ria):

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Twitter and social media users often have a field day with these funny and hilarious Koi Mil Gaya Meme templates. Which of these is your favorite? Comment below!

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