9 Upcoming Korean Dramas in May 2023 That You Can Watch!

While Bollywood and Hollywood are doing their very best to keep us entertained throughout the month. Hallyuwood- the Korean film and drama industry are trying to catch up with these two. The Korean industry has recently been at the forefront with its gripping dramas and movies. They have been making headlines for the top-notch quality content that they create. April was proof of this! April was filled with the most interesting dramas with the best plots that kept us all hooked. It’s a new month, and the Korean industry has planned to keep its promise of entertaining us.

This new month is marked by the release of dramas spanning several genres, making our watchlist more colourful and intriguing. Here’s a list of the upcoming Korean Dramas in May 2023 that you should check out if you need something new to spice things up!

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1. My perfect stranger 

Starring Kim Dong Wook and Jin Ki Joo, My Perfect Stranger is a romantic K-drama with underlying tones of suspense and mystery. The plot revolves around two strangers who somehow travel back in time to 1987. Both these people get entangled in different scenarios with different objectives but they soon realize that their stories are connected. My perfect stranger premiered on KBS2 on May 1, 2023. You can also watch it on VIKI Rakuten for free.

2. All that we loved 

All that we loved is a K-drama that will test the limits of true friendship and will make you reflect on perhaps the most debated question of all time- love or friendship. The K-drama features Jang Yeo-Bin, Sehun and Jo- Joon Young as the main leads. Two best friends prove their friendship to the world when one of them donates a kidney to the other. Things take an unexpected turn when both of them fall for the new strange girl in their school. The girl however harbours a strange secret. How will things end for the three of them? Will friendship triumph over love, or will love prove to be superior? To know more, watch All That We Loved on Viki Rakuten for free.

3. Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 

Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 is the second season of the 2020 drama series Tail of the Nine-Tailed. The nine-tailed fox is known in urban myths and legends for its notorious blood thirst. The first season of the series dealt with Jo Bo Ah on a quest for proving the existence of the nine-tailed fox and Lee Dong Wook, a nine-tailed fox in human form. The second season of this action-fantasy drama is a continuation where Lee Dong Wook is whisked back to 1938. There he meets his younger step-brother and Ryu-Jong Hoo (played by Kim So Yeon ), a former guardian spirit of the mountain in the west. This tvN drama is set to release on May 6 2023. It is also available on Prime Video in a select few regions.


4. Race

A Disney+ original, Race stars famous Korean actors Lee Yeon-hee and Hong Jong-hyun. It tells the story of two best friends working at the same firm. While Park- Yoo Jon (Lee Yeon Hee) has to work hard to compensate for her lack of skill, her best friend, Ryu Jae Min is known for his dexterity and rigid boundaries between his work and personal life. This office drama has been one of the most anticipated Korean dramas in May 2023. It is set to release globally only on Disney+ on May 12!

5. Black knight 

If we had to select any show to be the closest representation of our future, Black Kight would be it. A dystopian science fiction drama, the show picturises the consequences of our actions by showing severely polluted and littered cities where even basic activities cannot be taken place. In these cities are the Black Knights, who help with deliveries by cutting through the garbage-filled streets. It follows the story of one such driver Knight (Kim Woo Bin) who meets a little kid who aspires to be like him. It is a six-part series, of which the first part is going to release on Netflix on May 12!

6. Oh! Young Sim 

Oh! Young Sim is a hilarious romantic comedy that will not disappoint. Featuring Song Ha Yoon in the titular role, this Korean television series tells the story of a TV director who after many failed attempts comes up with a new idea for a TV series. The idea- a variety dating show brings her Mark Wang, the CEO of a start-up company. Things start going haywire when she realises that Mark Wang is the same Wang Kyung Tae who used to crush on her as a child! Will this idea of a dating show end up being a blessing in disguise for Oh Young Sim? To know more, watch the show only on Genie TV starting May 15!


7. One day off 

Who doesn’t like taking a break from their mundane and boring routines to do something to ‘heal’ their soul and recover from burnout? One Day Off is one such story of a high school Korean Literature teacher who starts taking one-day trips on weekends to escape her boring job. She goes out, meets new people and has delicious food that she otherwise wouldn’t have had. This series, set in the 90s, will give you unparalleled satisfaction and contentment in the most homely way possible. This Korean Drama in May 2023 is about finding oneself amidst the rush of maintaining one’s career and doing little things that bring you joy. It is a limited series and is scheduled to release on Wavve on April 24.

8. Delightfully deceitful 

What happens when two polar opposite people come together? Yes, there’s chaos and drama to the fullest extent. Delightfully deceitful is just that. Chun WOo Hee and Kim Dong Wook come together as a con-artist who lacks empathy and a hyper-empathic lawyer and form an unconventional duo to fight evil. The way the story unfolds is particularly interesting with the introduction of newer characters that add depth to the plot. It is truly the perfect combination of delightful and deceitful. The tvN show is set to release on May 29.


9. Happiness battle 

The suburban life seems fascinating but is it the same on the inside? Based on the novel of the same name, Happiness Battle tells the story of 5 soccer moms who try their best to bring each other down on social media. They engage in a Happiness battle on social media to show off their sugar-coated life when suddenly an unexpected turn of events leads to the revelation of a harsh truth. Starring Lee El, Jin Seo Yun, Cha Ye Reun, Park Hyo Joo and Woo Jong Won as the 5 cunning moms, the show will be released on ENA on May 31st!

This was our list of the upcoming Korean Dramas in May 2023. The Korean industry has been consistently proving why they’re simply the best and we hope they continue doing so! The heavy packages of entertainment they offer are worth all the 1 hour long episodes. Let us know which show you’ll be watching first!

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