These Kota Factory Meme Templates Are Hilarious AF

Released in 2019, Kota Factory is undoubtedly one of the best Indian web series. As the name suggests, the series is a take on the education system of India, the race to get admissions in the best engineering colleges, and the industrialization of the coaching industry at the expense of innocent students, their real aspirations, and actual dreams. While the script and especially its meaningful dialogues were appreciated, Kota Factory meme templates were also an instant hit on social media.

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We bring you some of the best Kota Factory meme templates which hilarious AF!

1. She: Hey, we will split the bill, ok?
Me: Aapke Vichar kitne Pavitra Hain

2. When Kohli is on strike, bowlers be like: Bhaisaab confidence gir jaata hai

3. *Friend removes WhatsApp DP after having a fight with his girlfriend.
Me: Bhaiyya aap kitna drama karte hain

4. When my friend asks me to set up him with someone
Me: Dekh tu bheek toh maang mat aur kucch chahiye to mehnat kar aur cheen le

5. Me after having a wholesome McD Meal after 6 days of dieting
Kabhi kabhi cheating chalti hai, bas aadat nahi padni chahiye

6. Waiter: Yeh lijiye sir aapka bill (99 Rs)
*Friend (gives 100Rs) *: Keep the change
Me: Arey bhaishab, Kharche ho rahe hain

7. When you see all your friends watching Taarak Mehta ka oolta chashma together
Kitna Parivaa rik mohaal hai!

8. Mom: Beta chai piyega?
Me: Haan Mummy
Mom: Theek hai fir, ek cup mere liye bhi bana de

9. Me seeing people celebrating 1 month anniversary
Tum Ameer log kisi bhi din cake khaa lete ho kya?

10.  *Fuckboi swiping right for every girl*
Tinder be like: Yaar tu ek saath kitne log ke pyaar mein padega?


Did you know? Kota Factory is also the first black and white web series in India.

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Which of these Kota Factory meme templates are your favorite?


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