15 Kumar Vishwas Poems and Shayaris That Are Famous and Relatable

Kumar Vishwas has been around in the fields of Hindi literature and Indian politics for a long time now. His political career has often been muddled with controversies, but his literary prowess has never been up for doubt. And we can certainly vouch for the passion of a man who left a potentially secure career in engineering to pursue his love for literature, earning a gold medal in his master’s degree, and a Ph.D. to stamp his authority as a poet who knew his way around in a technical manner too.

Kumar Vishwas’ words arrange themselves with precision, and when he recites them on stage, the emotions flow out of them with an explosion that leaves the audience in awe, too. Kumar Vishwas is an expert craftsman who wields his pen like a sword and uses the romance in his heart and the wit in his mind as his talisman against all those who envy him.

Also, his oratory skills and natural flair for elaborate performances make him stand out in the crowd of poets who have made a name for themselves with their excellent work. He has also worked in Bollywood where his work has received appreciation. Here are some of Kumar Vishwas poems and shayaris to remind you of his skills.

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1. When you are separated from your love…
one of the best and most memorable Kumar Vishwas poems and shayaris of all time.

2.  Interpretation of love.

3.  Love can move mountains.

4. The feeling that stays with you

5. Necessity…

6. Zindagi aur kuch bhi nahi teri meri kahaani hai…

7. Dreams

8. Is love a mistake?

9. Don’t lose hope

10. Ek hi hai hum aur tum…

11. The broken-hearted.

12. Kya paaya?

13. Bas itni si baat thi.

14. How do you avoid conflict?

15. The saddest people smile the brightest.

These are 15 relatable Kumar Vishwas poems and shayaris to keep you company when you just wish for someone who understands you. Enjoy!

For more Kumar Vishwas poems and shayaris, follow his YouTube channel.

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