10 Low Calorie Indian Food for Weight Loss


As we age our metabolism decreases that being the only fact common among all the human beings. As a result, our ability to lose weight is heavily impacted. It becomes more and more harder not just to look good but to feel fit and healthy as well. The easiest way to do this is through the food you eat. Here is a list of Indian food for weight loss you would not like to miss. Don’t worry you don’t need fancy berries or salad recipes!

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1. Tomato

Being the easiest food to get your hands on. Mindful thinking is a must especially when you are trying to lose weight. Choosing the right foods, hence, should be your aim in which tomato salad or tomato soup can be a great choice when it comes to Indian food for weight loss.

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2. Daliya

Daliya is known for being very rich in fibre and protein. Fibre not only helps in digestion but also with your bowel movements. It also helps in prevention from bingeing on unhealthy foods by keeping you full.

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3. Pista

Pistachios commonly known as pista are really low in calories making it a great snaking option when your aim is to lose weight. It also helps in reducing your BMI as compared to any other snake. You can either have them with sweet like kheer or along with your everyday milk best known for Indian food for weight loss.

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4. Dahi

Dahi, curd, or yogurt has probiotic elements and beneficial bacteria which helps in improving our gut health and digestive system. You can have it with some sprinkle of salt and pepper or make raita out of it.

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5. Imli

Imli or tamarind contains a very advantageous compound known as hydroxycitric acid aka HCA. It suppresses your appetite and help in decreasing body weight gain. See, a bowl of Imli chutni can be quite helpful. Ah, what a great Indian food for weight loss.


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6. Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are known for being low in calories and a great alternative for starch-rich potatoes. They contain a lot of water making them easier to digest. If you have a sweet tooth then I am sure you would enjoy sweet potato halwa.

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7. Triphala

Triphala has the ability to flushe out all the toxins from the body and reduce bloating thus a great Indian food for weight loss. It helps in reducing the percentage of body fat and weight in you. Well a study Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine proves this.

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8. Chickpeas

Just like daliya, chickpeas or chana posses the richness in protein and fibre which proves to be a great aids weight loss. Fibre content in chichpeas keeps you fuller for much longer and takes good care of your gut health as well. You can take it as a sabzi or boiled it’s totally your wish.

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9. Moong dal

Moong dal being one of the most popular lentils found all over India. Moong is packed with lots of fibre and protein, both of which are an excellent option for weight loss. Next time wanna have dal then try moong dal!

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10. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has many benefits we all know that, from giving you soft and supple skin to strong hair. But we all forgot one thing, It decreases your hunger and enhances the feeling of fullness. Next time if you cook something do it in coconut oil.

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Hope you had fun to go while going through the list! We are sure a lot of ideas might be popping in your head go on explore those. Don’t forget to include these Indian foods for weight loss in your diet to reach your desired weight. See you next time!

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