26 Mean Quotes On Koffee With Karan Show


Karan Johar’s celebrity talk show started airing on Star World in 2004 and has since then completed a total of 8 seasons. While the Indian filmmaker gets up, close and personal with the celebrities trying to find out some ‘interesting’ parts of their lives. But his show always manages to bring out some chunks of information about Bollywood celebs and their lives that common people have no idea about. And the controversy goes hand-in-hand with this show. Here are some of the mean quotes on Koffee with Karan show that might even tempt you to watch the whole episode.

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1. That’s great advice….right?
“Preity Zinta talks too much. She should learn to talk less.”

2. Is that so?
“Who will you give the title of Miss Congeniality?
Grazy Singh, I just feel no one has said her name in a really long time.”

3. That’s savage, bebo…
“What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say ‘John Abraham’?

4. Imran woke up that morning and decided to let his guard down…
“Sonam Kapoor should do less magazine covers and more movies.”

5. That episode that went viral…
“Ranbir is really nice guy but as a boyfriend, I don’t know Deepika did a great job of hanging on to him for so long.
Ranbir needs to work on his boyfriend skills.”

6. That’s what she said!
“Ranbir Kapoor should endorse a condom brand.”

7. Sonam always knows how to raise eyebrows with her statements…
“Name one Bollywood actress you’d cast on Sex and the City.
Rekha as, you know, one of the…you know who I mean right?

8. And she just won’t stop!
“Kangana has a great fashion sense but questionable English.”

9. When even Aishwarya can’t keep calm on this show!
“I can’t have typically girly conversations like the rest of the actresses. The shoes and bags are part of what we do but…that can’t be all I talk about. Yes, some girls in Bollywood can talk about other things but then there are those who just can’t.”

10. That’s a burn!
“Who from Bollywood would not make it to your party?
The ones I’d meet at your party.”

11. That’s a great comeback!
“If you were asked to interview Priyanka Chopra, what would you ask her?”
“Why does she have that accent?”

12. The answer to that accent remark…
“Kareena wanted to know where you got that accent from?”
“I got my accent from the same place as Kareena’s boyfriend.”

13. He blurted out even before realizing what he said…
“Sanjay Leela Bhansali is an overrated director & Kajol is the most overrated actor.”


14. He too couldn’t keep shut for long!
“Aishwarya Rai is plastic and Shraddha Kapoor should eat something.”

15. That’s true maybe?
“What would you find in Mallika Sherawat’s bedroom”
“An idiot’s handbook to succeed in Hollywood.”

16. Is that a real statement?
“The thing about this industry is that if you are not good-looking, they think you are a good actor.”

17. A great advice though…
“A piece of advice you’d give Kareena Kapoor?”
“Next time, you should ask what is the film and not who is in the film.”

18. Ouch! That sure did sound a little too sharp…
“What would be a nice alternate profession for Sonakshi Sinha?”
“A housewife.”

19. How does he know about his dandruff?
“What is the first thing you’d do if you woke up in the morning as Ranveer Singh?”
“I would shake off my dandruff.”

20. A petition to include Fawad Khan in the list next time!
“Who’s the coolest Khan in Bollywood SRK, Slaman, or Amir?”
“Let me add one more Khan to this list Fawad Khan. Now, why don’t you answer this question?”

21. That smirk was louder than the words!
“What does Akshay have that the Khans don’t?
“Some extra inches.”

22. But Urfi is winning all the attention!
“The one thing in Bollywood everyone pretends to be?”
“A fashion icon. Everyone wants to be one.”

23. Which bus is that?
“An actor or actress you’d send to Hollywood?”
“Two of the best are already there. Sab bus pakad ke ja rahe hain. I don’t have to send anyone.”

24. She is quite daring!
“Complete the following sentence most leading men in Bollywood.”

“They have a lot of money but not sure if they have a lot of brain.”

25. He lives in a different world!
“Karan, your idea of poverty is very different from my idea of poverty.”

26. If being straightforward had a face…
“Who has given you unnecessary attitude in the industry?”
“You, Karan.”

Mean quotes on Koffee with Karan is the new normal. Isn’t it?

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