10 Viral Meme Templates From Kota Factory Season 2 You’ll Love

One of the most amazing shows from TVF, Kota Factory Season 2 has come back with its second season as the characters pursue their quest to get admission into the IITs. Like Season 1, viral memes templates from Kota Factory Season 2 also started doing rounds on the internet as soon as the trailer of this popular web series was launched.

A show that several engineering aspirants today and those who once tried pursuing their IIT dreams related to, Kota Factory’s Season 2 has been loved by the audiences. Season 2 was released on Netflix in late September 2021 and has been one of the highest Indian TV Shows with a rating of 9.2 (As of September 21).

We bring you some of the most viral meme templates from Kota Factory Season 2.

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1. Elder brother: chal paani la. chal AC on Kar. chal phone charging le laga.
Younger brother:

2. 14 yr old me after visiting the salon with my dad

3. When you talk to your best friend after a long time
Girls: How are you darling?

4. When my friend buys pornhub membership

5. Rahul Gandhi: I will be the next PM
Whole India:

6. Friend: She already has a boyfriend

7. 14 years old me before going to sleep: kal se pakka tiffin nahi bhulunga

8. She: main achchi lag rahi hu na?
He: Nahi, achchi nahi bahut achchi…

9. *After 30 minutes of interview*
Intern: Sir, paise toh milenge na?
Interviewer: What?

10.  16 years old me after watching a porn movie

Which of these meme templates from Kota Factory Season 2 did you find the funniest? Do let us know in the comments below.

You can watch Kota Factory season 2 on Netflix!

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