25 Viral Meme Templates From Panchayat Season 2 on Amazon Prime

The first season of the Panchayat web series was released in April 2020 on Amazon prime video. The series was an instant hit among the audiences and also received positive responses from critics for the performances of the leading actors, direction and dialogues. The first season thoroughly entertained us with the hilarious dialogues and scenes, which eventually turned into viral meme templates on social media and triggered a meme fest.


After a long wait of two years, the most awaited second season of Panchayat premiered on 18th May 2022 on Amazon Prime, creating a buzz for all the right reasons. The comedy web series has already become a hit among the masses and people couldn’t keep calm and the internet is flooded with hilarious memes and jokes. 

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The dialogues from Panchayat season 2 stole the show and doing the rounds on social media as meme templates. Let’s have a look at the most viral and hilarious meme templates from Panchayat season 2: 

1. When you come to the office at 9 am and leave at 11 pm.

-Aap logo ke liye office hai, mere liye toh ghar hi hai.

2. 14 year old me when my parents buy me chips, chocolate, and cold drink.

-Aap toh ekdum khazana hi khol diye.

3. When you order soap from Flipkart and receive an iPhone

-Ab kuch badalana nahi hain

4. He- Will you marry me?
She: Majak mat karo

He -Aur kya mazak thodi na kar rahe bhai

5. Front benchers: Shit yaar, aaj maths wale teach nahi aaye!
Meanwhile Backbencher:
-Badhiya baat toh hai!

6. My smartphone to my sleep cycle

7. Players to CSK team before the IPL auction.

-Bharosa rakhiye, purane khiladi hai

8. When you see your crush after a long time.

-Dekhiye kitna khush hai, bina kisi baat ke.

9. Nobody:
Boys after meeting their GF’s dad:

-Ek number ka banrakas aadmi hai (one of the most popular meme templates from Panchayat Season 2)

10. Elder brother (after beating the younger brother): Mummy ko bola to fir dekhna
Younger brother:

-Gundagardi hai yeh, vishudh gundagardi hai ye

11. When your parents refuse to buy your favourite video game
14 yrs old: main ghar chodd ke jaa rhaa hu

-Itna drama karne ki jarorat nahi hai

12. Friend: Bhai, meri wali alag hai. She is not like other girls

-Pagal ho gaya hai kya bey, andh bandh shand bol raha hain

13. When you are watching Pujara’s batting

-Sab kuch bahut dheere dheere ho raha hai

14. Me after watching Varun Pruthi’s video for 2 minutes

-Sach puchiye toh aap bakchodi kar toh rahe hai

15. A Family spending time together when the internet is not working

16. When you are newly engaged and your partner asks you to join the gym

– Tum humare wajan ke peeche kaahe padhe rehte ho?

17. Whole country to Sonia Gandhi after the 2019 election.

-Tum politics samajh nahi rahi ho

18. He: are, sach me cousin se baat kar rahi thi 2 ghante se

-Tum toh humko chutiya hi samajh rahe ho

19. 14 yrs old me and my best friend facing the camera for the first time

20. When you see your single friend chatting till 5 am in the morning

-Yeh kya naya naya shauk paal liye hai

21. Uncles after watching couples in the park

-Yeh jo aap aise aise kar rahe hai na, yeh sab bhi record ho raha

22. When someone asks me to turn on the cam during meeting calls.

-Yeh sab mein comfortable nahi hun main (one of the most viral meme templates from Panchayat Season 2)

23. She: No, I don’t love you.
Hero in 90’s Bollywood movies:

– Yehi pe petrol daal ke aatmdaah kar lenge hum

24. When you messaged your ex after getting drunk
Next day:

– Aaj ke baad se control me piya karenge

25. Nobody:
Motivational speakers these days:

-Aap hi ki bhalai ke liye bol rahe hai

Images Courtesy: @shashwatshukla_ on Twitter

This was our list of the most amazing and hilarious meme templates from Panchayat Season 2. Hope it made you giggle!

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