10 Viral Meme Templates From The Family Man Season 1

The Manoj Bajpayee starrer web series The Family Man has had the release of its second season postponed to summer this year.  The first season of the spy thriller was a hit with the masses and  critics alike and won several Filmfare OTT Awards. Some parts of the series also tickles your funny bone with the effortless humour created. The second season is therefore a highly anticipated one that we have been waiting for the creators to drop for a really long time. Meanwhile, moments from the first season have been picked up to create hilarious memes that have gone viral. Here are 10 viral meme templates from The Family Man season 1.

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1. When I see friend using my butter piece on his paranthas
Me: Abey Oye Makhan chor

2. Me running away from responsibility.
Responsibility: Bhag tudtudike dekhta hu kitni door bhagta hai 

3. Roommate 1: Chai bana la pls
Roommate 2: Tu ja ke bana la
Me: Somebody has to step up and do this job

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4. 2 mins after booking uber:
Me: Bhaiya, abhi tak nahi aaye location pe
Uber Driver: Aa raha hun bhench*d, g*nd me ghus jao insan ke

5. When parents always take younger sister’s side
Sister to brother: takleef ho rahi hogi aapko

6. Me after pubg ban:
Ab zinda rehne ke liye bacha hi kya hai?

7. Me to weekends: PT Usha ke bhatije 

8. Me after drinking 2 pegs
Me to my brain: Bhai tu kuch ulta seedha mat karna

9. Friend: Hey, my report has come. I’m corona negative
Me: Tu bas negative hi soch behenchod

10. Me: I’m enjoying my life

Share your collections of viral meme templates from The Family Man Season 1 with us so we can all have a laugh while we wait for the Amazon Prime video to release the second season of this show.

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