15 Best Meme Templates From TVF Aspirants You Will Love

One of the best web series of 2021, TVF Aspirants brings a beautiful tale of three friends – Abhilash, Guri and SK who aspire to qualify for UPSC and become an IAS officer. Besides being loved for its enaging plot and story, meme templates from TVF Aspirants also became very popular on social media.

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We bring you some of the most popular Meme templates from TVF Aspirants to describe the story of our lives.

1.Whenever my friends ask me for a treat
Me: Arthik stithi theek na hai Mhari

2. When I heard that all my school friends now have girlfriends. 
Me: Bahut peeche reh gaya na mein yaar?

3. Whenever I saw my friend joining Tik Tok
Barbad ho gayi

4. 13 Year old me whenever I understood a double meaning joke
Me: Bhagwaan ne mujhe kaafi sharp dimaag de diya hai

5. My girlfriend to me during an argument.
Girlfriend: Galtiyaan 2-4 hoti hai, 200-400 nahi hoti

6. My friend after explaining me how network marketing works:
Isme ek chakkar aur hai

7. Modi Supporters after watching 1 hour of Ravish Kumar’s prime time:
Kitna negative aadmi hai hai

8. Bhakta whenever Modi ji announces a new scheme: 
Main support karunga

9. 10 year old me angry on my siblings and parents: 
Mujhe kisi ki jaroorat nahi hai

10. Me to my nervous school friend asking him to propose a girl: Positive Approach Rakh

11. My friend explaining me not to get angry on the other friend who promised to bring alcohol but didn’t at the last moment. Me:  Saale ka muh na dekhun

12. Me after getting drenched while coming to home and my mom saying why I don’t go out with an umbrella: 

13. Me after explaining my schoolfriend on how should he propose his crush:
Theek hai, Samajh gaye

14. When I said my class teacher that I wanted to become the class monitor.
My class teacher: Tum hi kyun banoge, tumhare bagal wala kyun nahi?

15. When my friend says he doesn’t have a girlfriend:
Tu toh deserve bhi nahi karta

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We hope you enjoyed these amazing meme templates from TVF Aspirants as much as the series. Which of these TVF Meme templates is your favorite? Do comment below!

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