20 Best Memes on Love, Life and Relationships

Memes, how we love them. They are the digital portals to our psyches. It’s amazing how memes can reveal so much about our inner monologue and bring things to light that were previously hidden in the shadows. These love memes are ideal to send if you have an upcoming anniversary or want to confess your feelings for someone. Anyone who has ever had a breakup or a disagreement with a significant other: A little humour can sometimes be all a couple’s quarrel needs (and an apology, of course). We’ve compiled a list of some of our best memes on love life and relationships, along with some advice (take it or leave it, tbh) if you want these memes to be less personally relatable in the future.


1. I am not able to connect with your actions, I’m OUT.

2.  Guys, please take a note.

3. Parents be like: yeh kis line me gaye aap?

4. Everyone goes through this atleast once.

5. Get it?

6. Sends *miss you so much* text 29842 times in a day

7. LDR GF: aao kabhi haveli pe.

8. pahle tu de.

9. Me as a nibba: mast plan hai

10. Me: ab maja aayega na bhidu

11.  LDR couples can totally relate.

12. do na, do na aap do na.

13. *Instant regret*

14. Aapki wife… toh uska kya?


16. Me during the fight: Utha le re baba.

17. Online couples can totally relate.

18. Me as a boyfriend: bilkul risk nahi lene ka.

19. GF be like: kya BF banega re tu.

20. Aaiye, khel shuru karte hai

With that, we have come to the end of our list of best memes on Love Life and Relationships. We hope you had a good laugh going through these memes. Let us know in the comments section what meme made your cheeks hurt?

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