10 Commendable Male Characters Written By Women In Bollywood Movies


Within 5 minutes of observing a male character in a movie- you can easily identify whether it is written by a male or a female writer (in many cases). However, if you have never paid attention to it— we bring you a list of all the male characters written by women in Bollywood movies so that you can observe them and check the striking contrast between them. (Yes, Ranvijay from Animal was written by a man!). And, we no longer want man-child becoming the poster boys of Bollywood films. So, shall we appreciate the beauty of soft and emotionally mature men with happy souls in some Bollywood movies where women write men? Sure!

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1. Iqbal Syed from Raazi | 2018 | Written by Bhavani Iyer and Meghna Gulzar

Iqbal broke many stereotypes about men, religion, and even borders. Iqbal was sensitive, and empathetic, and also understood the meaning of consent. So, while many men are busy telling why they are correct and that they need to be excused because the other men are even worse- Iqbal shows that emotional maturity comes from within and not from the standards set by society.

2. Amol from Chhapaak | 2020 | Written by Atika Chohan and Meghna Gulzar

Men in love are so sweet not just as lovers but also as humans. Amol from Chhapaak never pitied Malti— in fact, he fell in love with her just like any other couple and gave her strength to fight against the world. In my opinion, they were the real power couple who backed each other and also were brave enough to face the dark side of the world with a smile. Talented actor Vikrant Massey did full justice to his role and Amol remains forever etched in our hearts.

3. Robbie from Manmarziyaan | 2018 | Written by Kanika Dhillon

A married man does not get permission to abuse their wife or make them uncomfortable physically as well as emotionally. However, Robbie became her friend when he knew that she had someone else in her heart. He let her go in the end because he respected himself and knew that in the long run, they couldn’t be lovers but just friends. However, he did not have even an ounce of toxic male ego and knew how to respect a woman and her decisions.

4. Sunny from Dil Dhadakne Do | 2015 | Written by Reema Kagti and Zoya Akhtar

Dil Dadhakne Do is a movie that did not fare well at the box office but people appreciated it once it was available on OTT to stream. The movie gives us a lot of life lessons and feels relatable at many points. Out of all, Sunny played by Farhan Akhtar stands out as a man who does not care about the world and is secure enough to take a stand for a woman who he loves a lot. He tells her that he appreciates her achievements and acknowledges her struggles- at a time when she felt lonely despite being surrounded by the whole family.

5. Dan from October | 2018 | Written by Juhi Chaturvedi

Men who are not acting like guardian angels sent from heaven who need to show off their biceps and fight thugs to prove that are perfect for a woman- they are real angels! Dan from October was a kind man who was unconditionally in love with a woman and was not afraid of showing it- men who are not afraid to express their emotions are a green flag for women as well as the world.


6. Murad and Sher from Gully Boy | 2019 | Written by Reema Kagti and Zoya Akhtar

Male friendships in Bollywood are either about beating bad men together or taking sh*t about women and blaming them for their troubled life. They won’t hug, or have a deep conversation, or their conversations are too fake and seem so far away from reality. However, Murad and Sher came from rock bottom and made their way to the top— it doesn’t mean they did not fight or had differences of opinions- but their friendship seemed so genuine that it is hard to believe they are acting!

7. Raj from Hindi Medium | 2017 | Written by Zeenat Lakhani

In Hindi Medium you will see Irfan portraying the role of a middle-class man who is still in love with his wife and takes care of his daughter in the best possible way. The movie also breaks the stereotype that only rich men are capable of expressing love and taking care of their families. The lengths that Raj goes for his family’s desires and bright future are truly admirable. A man who belives in providing stability, and love to his family is the real alpha male, right?

8. Jehangir Khan from  Dear Zindagi | 2016 | Written by Gauri Shinde

Only SRK would’ve done justice to this role (that’s what I think). He showed the human side of a doctor and a psychologist who was charming, confident, and kind— and was not afraid to admit that he has also made many mistakes in life. He healed Alia Bhatt’s Kiara like a human filled with empathy for another human being. This charming, suave, and positive doctor is someone we all wish to meet in life at least once! What do you think?

9. Rana from Piku | 2015 | Written by Juhi Chaturvedi

Rana is someone whom you might meet on the streets and won’t realize how good of a person they are until you spend some time with them. Irfan Khan’s Rana is a mature, understanding, humorous, and attentive person who deals with situations with a lot of patience. He calmed down Piku, helped her with her father’s dream of visiting Kolkata, and fell in love with her— she was frustrated, tired, and irked with life, and he knew how to be the calm to her storm.

10. Vikram Singh Rathore from Khoobsurat | 2014 | Written by Indira Bisht and Juhi Chaturvedi

Royals are often portrayed as classy and graceful but also snobbish, and rigid. While Vikram did belong to a Royal family that included such members—however, he showed how a man can be classy, and a gentleman— one who is an alpha male because he is kind and understanding and not toxic, abusive, and arrogant.

And, as long as there are male characters written by women in Bollywood movies— women have hopes of a changed future where they have to struggle no more for equality and have no fear of getting laughed at for simply being themselves.

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