What If Indian Political Leaders Were Minions

Indian politicians can be great leaders, orators, or anything else for that matter, but cute. What if they could be cute and adorable though? Well, for starters, whenever their faces would flash on our television screens, we’d smile instead of frowning. That’s why, we thought we’d give them an adorable makeover, and what’s more lovable than the lovely yellow creatures called minions? After all, every time we see one, we go “aww” ’cause there isn’t anything cuter in this world than these silly yellow goofballs. So here they are, the biggest names in Indian politics transformed into minions. You’re welcome!


The talkative minion – Acche Din would mean bananas for everyone!

Narendra Modi Minion


Minion Kejru – Always troubled. Always causing trouble.

arvind kejriwal Minion


The Bihari minion – There will be a Kela Ghotala under his reign.

lalu yadav minion

Minion ki Mamata – Ever had trouble understanding what she says? Same goes for minions!

Mamta Banerjee Minion

Minion maya – There will be reservation for minions and they’d all get subsidised bananas.

mayawati minion


Baby minion – He’d go from being called Chota Bheem to Chota Minion.

Rahul Gandhi Minion

Kyunki minion bhi kabhi actress thi – Trust our minions to deliver a soap worthy performance.

Smriti Irani Minion


Nation’s bahu minion – She’d ask for bananas imported all the way from Italy.

Sonia Gandhi Minion
This minion is a quiet Manmohan minion – The one minion who never said a word.

Manmohan Singh Minion


I’d vote for all of them. Kyunki agli baar, Minion sarkar!

Design: Rohit Bose

Concept: Bishnu N Singh

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