26 Hilarious Mirzapur Meme Templates From Season 1

One of the best Indian web series so far, Mirzapur won several hearts with its amazing, script, dialogues, scenes and an engaging plot. Mirzapur Meme templates from Season 1 also rocked the internet since the time of its release in November 2018. These memes have become a favorite of memers and twitteratis over the time.

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We bring you some of the best Mirzapur Meme Templates from Season 1

1. Nephew:  Apna phone do na, pubg khelna hai

2. Mumbai Indians to other teams in IPL.

3.*When I try to impress a girl*
The girl: 

4. Whenever my girlfriend says: We need to talk! 

5. Shopkeeper: ek ke saath ek free offer hai
Me: theek hai, free wala de do fir

6. 14 years old me applying Vicks for the first time

7. When I really need to speak to my friend in an emergency

8. *When JCB arrives in my area*

9. Whenever I see someone has disabled their ‘Last Seen’ on Whatsapp

10. When my relative keeps asking me about my future and marriage plans.
Me Inside: 

11. When someone complains about my BFF:

12. Whenever I come to know that my friend hid a secret from me…

13. Whenever a girl tells me that I am handsome

14. West Indian Cricketers after every IPL Auction: 

15. Pakistani Cricket Fans to Shahid Afridi every time…

16. Whenever someone tries to mess with Salman Khan.
Le Vivek Oberoi: 

17. When BJP falls short of majority in any state.
Le Amit Shah:

18. When someone types a New Year message for me instead of forwarding / copy pasting.

19. When I see my friends puking just after having 2 pegs…

20. Me after seeing Dan Bilzerian’s Instagram Account: 

21. Whenever my smoker friend says he is quitting seriously for the 10th time

22. Whenever my father sees that I haven’t flushed the toilet

23. When I hear someone playing Yo! Yo! Honey Singh in the mountains.

24. Everytime a UP Guy gets into an argument: 

25. When someone honks behind me and the light is red.
Me (Inside): 

26. Whenever someone comes to my home to ask Chanda: 

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Did we miss any of your favorite Mirzapur Meme Templates from Season 1? Comment below and we will add it to this list.

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