11 Most Creative Fevicol TV Ads We Still Remember!

Most people who grew up during the 2000s would SWEAR by how ridiculously funny Fevicol ads were, and it’s time we appreciate it. Fevicol really did not have to be so over-the-top with its ads but it was and we are one hundred percent here for it. I cannot be the only one whose face brightened up every time a Fevicol ad came on the TV during one of those pesky, long, commerical breaks that haunted every child’s dreams while watching a movie on Sony Max. To say that Fevicol killed it with its AD game would be an understatement, so we’re gonna show you instead. Here are our top picks for the most creative Fevicol TV ads we still remember.

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1. Human pyramids at Dahi Handi on Janmashtami would be so much easier with some fevicol in hand. And body. And everywhere else. 

2. Anything for a pretty girl and her pet goat. Fevicol will support your blossoming love story just when you require it. 

3. You asked for an adhesive that works. You can’t complain when it works too well. 🙁 

4. A piece of furniture so well made it outlives the people who bought it. This is a truly beautiful ad. 

5. When the alien invasion arrives and gravity is sucked out of our planet, we must resort to fevicol. This right here is groundbreaking innovation.

6. This advertisement did NOT age well by our pandemic standards. 

7. Vegans and animal rights activists have been sleeping on this fool-proof method to get people to stop eating eggs and we need more people to see this. 

8. The classic Pakde Rehna Chhodna Nahi – the Indian equivalent of Rose letting Jack drown in the ocean even though the door was big enough for two.

9. Can’t afford a baby-sitter? Buy a bucket of Fevicol instead. Doesn’t require your assistance and doesn’t flirt with your husband.  

10. Who needs skills when you have got Fevikwik? This ad was the funniest thing on TV back in the day. 

11. Either buy Fevikwik or face 10 years of bad luck, no cap. 

We hope you liked our list of the most creative Fevicol TV ads. Let us know in the comments below which one was your favourite.

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