10 Most Hated People in The World in 2023

You would be surprised to know that some of the most influential figures have more haters than fans! Check out this list of 10 Most Hated People in the World in 2023.


It’s a known fact that with a great amount of popularity comes a lot of hate, and it is easy to be a target of it when problematic things are involved. Whether you’re a famous politician or a pop star, if you’re a part of the controversy, you’re most likely to be the subject of hatred. Some may call it karma or shabbiness, but at the end of the day, these people have received hatred from the mass audience. For some reason or the other, the following people are among the 10 Most Hated People in the world in 2023.


1. 6ix9ine (Daniel Hernandez)

First up on the list, we have the American rapper 6ix9ine. He’s severely disliked on social media for being a troll and having a criminal record, and you would be shocked to know that he’s pretty proud of this title. 

Not only he is extremely arrogant, but he’s also a paedophile and a racist for throwing the n-word around despite not being black. He was allegedly part of the gang and was convicted of conspiracy of murder and armed robbery. His criminal record and immature behaviour make him the most hated person on Earth.


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2. Vladimir Putin

Next up on the list, we have Vladimir Putin. He’s a Russian politician and has served as the president/prime minister since 1999. He might be a competent leader of Russia, however, his problematic behaviour makes him the second most hated person in the world. He started the Cold War, along with a lot of hot wars. He’s a murderer of Ukrainians and the reason behind the mass killings of people. He has been described as a ‘crook’ who has imprisoned opposition leaders and has violated human rights.

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3. Andrew Tate

You’re living under a rock if you haven’t heard about Andrew Tate! He’s been the subject of controversy because of his arrogant and cocky behaviour. Moreover, he has recently been arrested for sex trafficking. Long story short, he earns his bread by polarizing people and hating on women, as per him, they should only be subjected to domestic labor.

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4. Jake Paul

Since a young age, Jake has been described as a ‘problem child’. Undoubtedly he received wide popularity when he started his YouTube career, but it was just a matter of time before he became one of the most hated YouTubers of all time. Jake is loud, rude and obnoxious making him quite unlikeable. He once filmed a victim of suicide and hugely disrespected them. But the most troublesome thing is Jake thrives from the hatred he gets from social media.


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5. Donald Trump

Describe as the embodiment of 7 deadly sins, Donald Trump is number five on the list of the most hated people in the world. The previous president of the US is not only a hater and envy-filled man but is a racist, misogynist and sociopath. He doesn’t seem to care about his people at all, as he has been accused of committing crimes and damage to the citizens.


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6. Jimmy Kimmel

If you are familiar with Jimmy Kimmel then you would know why he made it to the list. He’s deeply sexist, as from time to time he has made jokes regarding and has made rude and unnecessary remarks about people from time to time. Behind the mask of comedy, he hides rampant hospitality. He’s a massive Hollywood hypocrite 

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7. Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un is the supreme leader of North Korea since 2011 till the present day. He has absolute control over 25 million people and has been described as the world’s most enigmatic and unpredictable dictator. Being a product of the patriarchal dictatorship, He tortures, starves and kills his people daily and punishes them over vague and irrelevant demeanour. 

Modern Day Hitler- that’s what people call him as he threatens the entire world with nuclear weapons. His behaviour is the reason why he stands at number 7 on this list. 


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8. Kanye West

Kanye West might be one of the best rappers of all time, but that doesn’t stop him from being incredibly arrogant. One of the best examples of him being a narcissist is the way he upstaged another performer at the 2009 MTV music awards. He’s extremely obnoxious and instinctively plays the race card which cheapens a real-world problem. His disrespectful nature is why people despise him so much.


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9. Justin Bieber 

When Justin started his career, he instantly received a massive amount of popularity. But like every coin has two faces, he became the object of hatred too. But it’s not because of his money or his looks, it is because of the way he has mocked other music artists in the past and his immature behaviour. He has also made racist statements and nasty jokes in the past, which makes him a target of public hatred.


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10. Taher Shah

Taher Shah is a popular Pakistani singer who specifically receives hate from the electronic media. People believe that his songs are annoying and silly, and that’s one of the reasons why he is despised so widely. His album ‘Angel’ received worldwide backlash because a mass audience found his music to be cringe and lame. Even though some people do feel that his music is good, the majority disagrees.


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These are some of the most hated people in the world right now. Do you believe that the reasons for them being so hated are relevant? People love drama, that’s for sure and at the end of the day, and for worse or for better, these people become the main topic of controversy!

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