14 Most Iconic Tweets Of All Time You Shouldn’t Miss


With over 500 million registered users including some of the most popular, loved and powerful figures of the contemporary world, the world of 140 characters has undoubtedly come a long way.


What was supposed to be a social network today can affect markets, electoral results, revolutions and the mood of the nation. We bring you 14 most iconic tweets of all time from twitter.

1. The very first tweet by Search Engine Giant – Google

The tweet scripted half in Binary code reads “I’m feeling lucky”

2. Tweets from the highest point on the planet – The summit of Mount Everest

The first ever tweet from the summit sent using a satellite phone

Tweet sent over Nepali telecom company Ncell’s 3G network that covers the Mount Everest

3. When Religion Got Social – First Ever Tweet By A Pope

4. The first tweet ever, tweeted  by twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey

5. Narendra Modi’s victory tweet after the biggest democratic elections the world had ever seen

6. The first ever tweet from outside of Earth

7. When Obama was POTUS for 4 more years


8. The tweet that broke all records

9. Live tweeted US Navy Seal’s raid on Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan

10. Paul Walker’s death confirmed by his own official twitter account

11. CIA’s first tweet

12. When two Mars Missions greeted each other

13. A friendly exchange between Barack Obama And Bill Clinton on Twitter

14. The Billion Dollar tweets


Twitter is the new news application. And you’d want to be on top of it.

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