25 Most Inspirational TV Quotes That’ll Perk You Right Up

We’re officially in the third year of covid and at this point, most of us aren’t even trying to pretend to be okay. It is a bit too tempting to give in to this incessant feeling of worthlessness and void. It is times like this when one could really use some external validation. Which is why we bring you some of the most inspirational TV quotes that would perk you right up!

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1. Stop trying to derive your value from the outside.

2. Put yourself first!

3. It’s all about how you react.

4. Nothing comes for free. Especially good things.

5. Love yourself, conquer your fears!

6. The end of something old is the beginning of something new!

7. Never miss the chance to tell someone you love them.

8. Surviving is the least we can do.

9. Trying is the only way you can get anywhere.

10. Nothing comes out of thinking of the past.

11. Do everything for yourself.

12. Mistakes are how you get to doing it correctly.

13. Work until everybody knows your name. 

14. You deserve to hold power. 

15. When you make your dreams your goals, they actually come true.

16. You must take chances. 

17. Success only comes after work. 

18. It’s not your size, it’s your impact that matters. 

19. Familiar is nice, but it isn’t exciting. 

20. You don’t get too many chances to be brave. 

21. You should not be miserable earning your living. 

22. It matters whether you try. 

23. Use your identity to your own advantage. 

24. Sometimes all you gotta do is sit and start working. 

25. You must find something that works for you. 

Did you like our collection of the most inspirational TV quotes? Comment below to tell us your favourite one!

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