18 Most Romantic Hindi Lyrics For Love That Will Mesmerize You


Love is the language of the soul. The plethora of poems, artworks, and songs written and created for everyone and everything loved and lost suddenly start making sense once you are in the clutches of this beautiful, but equally scary, sensation. It is one that makes you feel all forms and degrees of expression fall short when describing your feelings. Art is perhaps one of the very few ways through which we can truly achieve some semblance of expressing what we feel. And music is one of the art forms of expression where art and literature merge to create something entirely new and ever so beautiful. So, let’s reminisce about some of the most romantic Hindi lyrics, which can make anyone go weak in their knees, shall we?


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1. Think of a more romantic way of professing your love for someone.. I’ll wait… 

2. When someone gives your life the purpose you have been looking for, you can’t really let them go.

3. Love teaches you to be selfless, while retaining that adorable hint of possessiveness. 

4. As they say, the right love often beckons you at the wrong times. 

5. That feeling of finding the ultimate solace in someone’s arms.. 

6. Of telling silences.

7. This song can not make you think of a bond that didn’t last, but a love that did.

8. Oh, the tenderness of promises lovers ask of each other. Disguised as an upbeat number… the sheer magic of Majrooh Sultanpuri. 


9. So poetic and yet so very colloquial… 

10. Losing yourself in love crushes you, but nothing compares to the beauty of the act. 

11. That desire of always having your love by your side.. 

12. To the love which is far away.. 

13. For love and devotion, in essence, are the same. 

14. Santosh Anand wove magic with these words… 

15. What could possibly match the fulfillment of knowing someone exclusively? 

16. The solace you can only strive to give yourself, no matter how insincere it might seem.

17. The perfect end to this list – a ghazal to make you swoon. Some of the most magical lyrics ever penned. 

We hope you enjoyed skimming through some of the most romantic Hindi lyrics we could think of! Let us know some of your favourites in the comments!

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