10 Most Watched K-Dramas on Netflix You Must Watch

What makes Korean dramas so addictive to watch? K-dramas blend in genres like mystery, murder, science, friendship, and betrayal all so well and with a little hint of romance. The K-dramas industry takes into account audience involvement in addition to audience ratings, taking into account factors like the number of articles published, the volume of online searches, the level of participation on discussion boards, and more. Let’s check some of the most watched K-dramas on Netflix.

1. Crash Landing On You

Honestly, who hasn’t watched ‘Crash Landing On You’ yet? It is a must-watch in the K-drama world. It is one of the highest-rated and most-watched K-dramas on Netflix. The story of Yoon Se Ri and Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok is all we’re in for. Yoon Se-Ri is the heiress of a South Korean company. While paragliding, she makes an emergency landing in North Korea due to an accident brought on by strong winds. She meets North Korean army officer Ri Jeong-Hyeok. He makes an effort to conceal and protect her. 

2. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’ is one of the most emotional K-dramas. It deals with the sensitive topic of mental health. Every character in the show has a story to tell. The process of healing after being through trauma is one of the key themes of the series. When a selfish antisocial children’s book author and a selfless psych ward caregiver cross paths, an extraordinary route to emotional recovery emerges. 

3. Squid Game

Released in 2021, ‘Squid Game’ is Netflix’s most-watched series. The show is definitely well-made and brutal at the same time. The show centers on a competition in which 456 participants, all of whom are experiencing extreme financial difficulties, put their lives in danger by participating in a series of dangerous children’s games in an effort to win a prize of $45.6 billion. The concept of the show revolves around financial hardships, class division in South Korea and capitalism. 

4. All of Us Are Dead

Dealing with the Zombie apocalypse, ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ is based on the theme of survival. Mostly set in a school, a zombie attack takes place. After a failed science experiment, zombies take over a nearby high school. The captive kids fight to escape. They are forced to defend themselves in the middle of a conflict with no access to food or water and the government has cut off all communication. If they don’t, they will join the walking dead. 

5. Hometown Cha Cha Cha 

Hye Jin and Du Sik are literally the cutest! In Seoul, Yoon Hye Jin, a  dentist, quits her job after she rightfully accuses the clinic’s head doctor of overtreating patients. She travels to the picture-perfect beach town of Gongjin, where she meets multi-talented Hong Du Sik. Due to his dedication to looking after the elderly and willingness to take on odd chores, Du Sik is highly respected in the community. By chance, the two people’s paths meet multiple times, and they grow to like one another while Du Sik frequently bails Hye Jin out of sticky situations.

6. The King: Eternal Monarch

An alternate reality in which the Republic of Korea stands in for the Kingdom of Korea is attempted by Lee Gon, a contemporary Emperor of the Kingdom of Korea. He encounters investigator Jung Tae-eul, who he recognises from an identity card he acquired during the pivotal event in his young life—the murder of his father. Lee Lim, Lee Gon’s half-uncle who killed Lee Ho, the former king, is hiding out and building armies while traveling back and forth between the two parallel universes.

7. Vincenzo

Fans probably know this one ‘Corn Salad, Vincenzo Quassano!’ Vincenzo is a lawyer and works as a consigliere for the mafia in Italy. Upon returning to Seoul, South Korea to recover gold from the basement of Geumga Plaza, he gets tied up in a case against the Babel Group. He joins Jipuragi Law Firm and the tenants of Geumga Plaza in their fight against Babel Group.

8. Penthouse

Based on the theme of revenge, ‘Penthouse’ revolves around the wealthy families of Hera Palace. They would all sacrifice anything for their kids. They have lofty goals and wishes. But as a young, enigmatic girl named Min Seol-ah is killed by a fall during a party at the Hera Palace, their lives start to fall apart. While the residents of Hera Palace attempt to hide the truth that she died there. They are unable to avoid harboring suspicions for one another. It is one of the most dramatic shows I’ve ever seen with totally unexpected plot twists. 

9. The Silent Sea

The Sea of Tranquility on the moon inspired the story’s title, ‘The Silent Sea’, which centers on a crewed trip to gather samples from a lunar research outpost. It combines different genres, primarily science fiction, but also thriller and mystery. In the future, when desertification has caused a dearth of food and water to plague the planet. For the space agency, Han Yun-Jae is a soldier. He is chosen to go to the moon with a group that also includes Song Ji-An. Their objective is to take a strange sample from a defunct research facility.

10. The Sound of Magic

Do you believe in magic? The Sound of Magic is a musical drama that centers on Yoon Ah-yi, a student at Sewoon High School, who has lost her earlier zeal for believing in magic. Yoon A-Yi and Magician Ri-Eul eventually cross paths at a closed amusement park. To those who tell him they believe in magic, he performs magic shows. Although he is an enigmatic individual, Yoon A-Yi feels comforted by him after telling him that she believes in magic. Annarasumanara!

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In 2022, who is not watching K-dramas? If you are a Kdrama fan then you definitely have watched these shows. If not, what are you waiting for? Check these most watched k-dramas on Netflix now!

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