Mostbet Casino Review & Aviator

Mostbet is rather better known as a provider of sports betting services, in which field they have a decent reputation. However, they have another section, which contains all the different types of gambling entertainment one can wish for. It’s mostly casino games – slots, roulettes, cards, table games, et cetera.

They have less to offer in terms of gambling, at least compared to their extensive betting selection. However, there’s still a lot to enjoy here. It’s especially convenient if you decided to try a few common casino games and if you already have a Mostbet account. It means you won’t need to create a new one elsewhere.

Of course, because the gambling part of Mostbet India is smaller, it feels neglected. And because of it, you also might not find many games that aren’t mainstream types, like slots. In short, Mostbet doesn’t really specialize in casino gambling, but they offer it nonetheless as a side activity.

Popular Arcade Games

Arcade games are different casino games that can’t clearly be put into one category or the other. Aviator is one of the most popular such games both on Mostbet and elsewhere. They are typically simple, offer just a handful of interactive parts and require timely reactions to win.

There are plenty of Aviator-like games, for instance. They are the major part of the genre called ‘quick games’. In Aviator you make a bet and watch it multiply. You can stop the growth by pulling out. At any moment, the game can stop, and you’ll lose the bet. The pace of said growth can also differ widely. There are plenty of such games, but it’s not just that.

Other arcades include elements of the classic casino, such as dice, slots or cards. There are games like solitaire, thimbles and darts. They aren’t necessarily casino games, but they are games of chance. You can find all of them in the ‘quick games’ section of their casino menu. 

New Arcade Games

The games can be sorted by the new – for that, you’ll need to access the same ‘casino’ menu and click ‘new’ on the left. This will lead you to a dedicated page with the most recent additions. You can’t sort the selection by the type of games. You can’t even seek new slots, much less new arcades.

But you can still see which of them are of arcade variety. Not readily, of course, but it’s possible. You can also sort all the new additions by provider, ‘genre’ (which is basically aesthetic) and ‘features’ (which can include different defining aspects of a game). If you know a provider who only makes arcade games, you can try and sort by them.

Mostbet Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular games of chance available on Mostbet. You play it by selecting several numbered and colored sections of a spinning roulette. After you’ve done betting, the roulette starts spinning and, if the ball lands on a section that you selected, you win the bet.

It’s not as popular as slots, as they were historically the simplest way to entertain oneself in a casino, which is reason enough. Roulettes are also games of chance, but they are somewhat more nuanced, which makes people believe that they can strategize playing roulette. You can do it to a very limited degree, but there’s still more leeway.

Mostbet India has a designated section for roulette games on the same casino page. There are around 120 titles at the moment – many with special aesthetics and features and many classic games. They are all digitized, of course, which means you won’t be able to see the roulette turn in earnest, which is a bit of a downside.

This downside can be remedied if you go to the live casino section. It’s a separate genre of games with its own dedicated page. Essentially, you can find a live broadcast of a roulette game and bet on this game from the comfort of your home. The functionality is almost the same, and it also get to see the way this roulette spins. It’s much more exciting this way.

Card Games

Card games are one of the big casino game genres available on Mostbet India. There are plenty of games that use cards in a regular fashion. Here, they are divided into several groups by game:

BACCARAT Big and mini-baccarat
POKER Various poker varieties
BLACK JACK Various blackjack varieties
PLAYER TO PLAYER Seka, bura, backgammon, dominoes, okey & Mac Ludo
OTHER Other games that don’t fit the categories above

You can sort them by these five genres. Obviously, the most popular are poker and blackjack, followed closely by baccarat and then by everything else. It’s also represented in the quantity of games in each type. Blackjack has by far the most games out of all, followed by poker and then by baccarat.

It’s quite easy to find a game that suits your playstyle and preferences, although there are no sorting mechanisms for ‘features’, like the other genres have. You can still sort by providers, though. Admittedly, these games aren’t terribly different from one another, which is exactly how card players like it.

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