Movies About Remarkable Scientists Worth Watching


The stories of most scientists are told in books and biographies. Some disappear silently, leaving some of the most popular ideas as their only footprints. Movie writers have found a way to keep the works and lives of these scientists alive on screens. 



The world has witnessed a lot of scientists making huge breakthroughs in different areas. It is inspiring to look at their lives and accomplishments through the lens of a movie. Here are enthralling movies about scientists that are worth watching. 

A Beautiful Mind 

The mind of a scientist is full of ideas, some of which are difficult to understand. It is, therefore, ironical to associate the mind of a scientist with beauty. However, these ideas make the world a beautiful place. Buy your assignments from custom writing services online and create time to watch A Beautiful Mind as well as other inspiring stories about scientists. 

A Beautiful Mind relives the life of John Nash from the time he entered Princeton University to winning the Nobel Prize. It also takes you through a schizophrenic’s mind and the private lives of people who are publicly celebrated. The movie has so far won 4 Academy Awards, making it one of the most successful stories about scientists. 

The Imitation Game


Codes were used to pass messages in the army during WWI and WWII. Anyone with valuable knowledge to crack the codes was an asset to the army. Mathematician Alan Turing took the honours, working with fellow mathematicians. 

The movie was preceded by a biography written in 1983. Turing was charged with decoding German encrypted messages for the British soldiers. With a production budget of just $14 million, it raked in more than $233 million. It has won the People’s Choice Award beyond being nominated for numerous other categories across events. 

The Martian

It is probably one of the best movies to watch now that the world is preparing to return to the moon and set camp on the Martian surface. The Martian is a story of a scientist who gets lost on the surface of Mars. His team assumed that he had died. 

The Martian has to tap into his ingenuity to find a way to communicate with the earth. He also has to find a way to survive on this new planet with the little he has and what he can find on Mars until a potential rescue comes. It is a thought-provoking movie that will cause you to look forward to the Mars Missions planned in the coming years. 

Hidden Figures 

A lot of women scientists have remained hidden, yet they made some of the most pivotal contributions. Hidden Figures is the story of Female African American scientists who have played a crucial role in NASA missions over the years. Without their contributions, these missions would never have occurred or would have been a total disaster. 

Movies have an animated way of telling ordinary stories. The perceived mundane lives of scientists are brought to life on the screen, making it interesting to watch. These movies are scientists are also inspiring to watch, helping you to nurture science skills. 

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