MP Man Fails to Get Intoxicated Even After 2 Bottles of Liquor; Lodges a Complaint With State Home Minister!


What would you do if you consumed alcohol and didn’t get high? Maybe praise your tolerance level or if smell something fishy, maybe complain to the liquor shop. No! This middle-aged man from Ujjain went to the Home Ministry and the Excise Department when he fails to get intoxicated even after consuming two bottles of liquor. He sensed that the liquor was adulterated and wanted an investigation regarding the same. The Ministry acknowledged his complaint and assured him to look into this matter.

This incident took place in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh approached the Home Ministry, and Excise Department about the faulty liquor. He had bought four-quarters of liquor. After drinking 2 quarters, he did not feel anything nor did he get intoxicated. He then sent a complaint to Madhya Pradesh Home Minister, Narottam Mishra. He also sent a letter to the Excise Department stating that the liquor might be fake or adulterated and also submitted the remaining two bottles as evidence.


The Excise Department took cognizance of his complaint and assured him that they would look into this matter. But the man was not done yet. He even threatened to file a case in the consumer court against the seller of this faulty liquor.

The man, who identified as Lokendra Sethiya bought four quarters of liquor which after drinking, he suspected, was adulterated. He immediately took action for the same.

His reasoning was somehow logical that he earned and drank alcohol but what about people who only drink? So basically he was concerned some people would waste their savings on fake alcohol. This sounds like a genuine concern with a thinly veiled problem of alcoholism. We agree that selling fake products should have consequences; be it a needle or a sword. We see this man as an underappreciated hero for actually making sense but still being termed bizarre.

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