10 Ultimate Must Have Experiences While in Goa

Whether it is that long pending vacay with your besties or a romantic getaway with your better half, Goa is and will always be the preferred beach holiday destination for Indian and international travelers alike. But with so much to do and so much on offer, you might be overwhelmed with choices and may have a tough time deciding what to do while in Goa. It is important to plan ahead and get your itinerary right to make sure you make the most of your Goa getaway. Don’t worry though, our travel experts have you covered. From a trip to the Goan backwaters (bet you didn’t know they existed, did you?) to that perfect Goa hotel booking that you’d cherish, we bring to you 10 ultimate must have experiences in Goa. Read on and start packing!


1) Party it up in North Goa

Goa and partying go hand in hand, ‘cause after all, Goa IS the party capital of India! While you are there, make sure you hit some of the best beach party destinations in town, especially in North Goa. Baga is the best place to start your party hopping, abuzz with clubs and lounges as far as your eyes can go. And then make your way up to Anjuna and pay a visit to Club Cubana to be transported to Havana!

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2) Ride the waves and sail in the wind

You don’t have to be an adventure sports junkie to indulge in some water sports while in Goa, ‘cause there is something for everyone. If you are tame at heart, you can try your hand at yachting or kayaking; but if you really want to get your adrenaline pumping, we suggest windsurfing and paragliding at many of Goa’s beaches.

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3) Find solace in Goa’s lesser-known beaches

There’s no denying that Goa is teeming with tourists all year round, especially its popular beaches like Baga, Anjuna and Palolem. So you’d be surprised to know that despite the crowds, Goa still has secluded beaches where you can find that much needed peace and quiet. Topping our list is Kakolem, a hidden natural paradise south of Cabo de Rama beach. Also worth a visit is Cola beach, which is located a mere 15 KM from Palolem and yet, is nothing like it. Head here to sit back and relax to the sound of waves crashing.

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4) Feel the wind in your face as you ride through South Goa roads

A trip to Goa would be incomplete without a bike ride across this majestic beach paradise. With a well-constructed network of roads, your bike ride in South Goa will be a smooth one. And the abundance of lush green trees interspersed with vast expanses of pristine beaches on your either side will make your trip a memorable one. Just make sure you drive responsibly though!

Image Source : @theunrulytraveler (Instagram)

5) Lose yourself in the scenic backwaters of Goa

You don’t have to travel to Kerala to witness the mesmerizing beauty of backwaters. Goa is also home to bountiful backwaters that will leave you enchanted. Our favorite is a journey up the languid Chapora river on a houseboat, which gives you a whole new perspective to Goa – one that is a far cry from the beaches and parties.

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6) Try your luck at Goa’s many casinos

Feeling lucky? Head to one of Goa’s many casinos and try your hand at a game of poker or rummy. Aboard luxury cruise liners, these casinos offer an unparalleled experience besides a possibility to walk away with big wins. Even if you aren’t much of a “gambler”, you can still throw back some cocktails and scrumptious food while here.

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7) Enjoy a date with history at one of Goa’s many forts

If you have made it this far into this article, you’d have realized that there’s more to Goa than just parties. But did you know that Goa also has a rich past and is dotted with magnificent historical sites? Of particular interest are one of its many forts – especially the spectacular Chapora Fort (where everybody’s favorite ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ was shot) and the symbol of Goa’s Portuguese past – Aguada Fort. Cabo De Rama Fort in South Goa is another beautiful fort in one of the quiet corners of Goa which you would enjoy visiting.

Image Source : @theunrulytraveler (Instagram)

8) Get in touch with your spiritual self at Goa’s churches

Goa is home to some of India’s grandest and also, quaintest churches. Exquisite reminders of the state’s rich Portuguese heritage, these ancient churches are no less than architectural marvels that will take your breath away with their stunning beauty. You don’t have to be a history buff or an architectural aficionado to bask in the glory of Se Cathedral and Bom Jesus Basilica, both churches wondrous in their splendor.

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9) Catch a glimpse of dolphins and butterflies

If you’re a nature and wildlife enthusiast, a visit to the lesser known Butterfly Beach is a must on your itinerary! Located north of the popular Palolem Beach, this semi-circular beach is blessed with lush green forests, abundant in wildlife, especially countless species of colorful butterflies. And while you ride to this beach on a boat, you are likely to catch glimpses of playful dolphins as they swim across the ocean in packs.

Image Source : @Manfred Sommer (flickr)

10) Relax and rejuvenate your senses at a beach resort

Where you stay in Goa can make all the difference in your vacation, and we recommend nothing less than a resplendent beach resort. Goa hotel booking is no easy feat, with innumerable hotels and resorts to choose from. So think wisely and pick one that is closest to the beach, because the sight of a champagne sunset, while you laze by the pool with a cocktail and waking up to watch the crimson red sun rise from an azure blue sea, are experiences that you shouldn’t miss.

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There you have it, folks! The best of Goa all summed up in 10 unforgettable experiences. Now get ready and go Goa.

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