No Strings Attached: Does Casual Relationship Ever Work?

This is a million-dollar question. Do casual get-togethers ever work, or are they destined to leave a sour taste, as the respective parties go their separate ways, swiftly consigned their experience to the past? The truth is that people can have a variety of valid reasons for deciding they don’t feel ready to commit to anything. At least, not for the foreseeable future. Is this selfish? Or perhaps even a little immoral? Of course not. Here we’ll look into why so many singles are opting to take things casually.

So, top five reasons for not committing:

  1. After a long-term relationship

One of the commonest excuses given for keeping things casual is when individuals have only just gone through the trauma of a break-up. They won’t be in any rush to get back into anything heavy again, so they are more likely to go online and search for something far less intense. Typically, they might want to “hook up” someone and join an online hookup service. On a dating site, people who have failed previous relationships can relax and search for whatever they want, “look for something casual” or “find a one-night stand near me” if that works for them at the moment. They can embark on a series of casual encounters, enjoying all the pleasure of a physical relationship without any need to plan for the future. What’s more, the algorithms within these sites will help them find matches according to their fresh motivations.

  1. Lack of time

We all lead busy lives these days, and there is just isn’t enough leisure time for factoring regular dates into the timetable for many singles. This is why so many site users appreciate they can find hookup opportunities for the following weekend without having to overly concern themselves about what might happen beyond that.

  1. Children are not on your immediate agenda

The Covid pandemic has underlined how unpredictable life can be. Coupled with wide-ranging concerns about ecological and environmental issues, a lot of people have decided they’d rather not focus on starting families in the current climate of uncertainty.

  1. You’re still working out your life plan

Once upon a time, it was common for people to have rigid ideas about how their future might be mapped out. Nowadays, these same individuals will have realized life can often throw curveballs their way. The overriding ethos is to keep an open mind about how events might unfold.

  1. You look for a variety

Dating sites allow members to tap into myriad resources. It could be that you have always had an inquisitive mind and are not ready to settle until you’ve experimented with alternatives. Perhaps you’re bi-curious, or would love to try interracial dating, or want to get involved with an older partner. Keeping your dating casual will give you freedom of choice.

Now, top five benefits of keeping your relationship short-term:

  1. The memories will be more treasured

An unfortunate aspect of long-term partnerships is that those concerned can fall into a routine. They’ll eventually begin taking each other for granted. When your contacts are fleeting and transient, you will cherish each moment.

  1. You have other priorities

It could be that you are approaching a crucial final year of study at college or university, where achieving the desired qualification will have a profound impact on your career choice. Or your work might be offering exciting opportunities, provided you accept a new position that means relocating. Important opportunities are often better dealt with if you are either single or only involved casually.

  1. Minimizing stress and low-esteem

While the parties in committed relationships are invariably content, there can be a lot of friction. This is especially so when people have been going out for a considerable period and have fiercely individual points of view. These strong opinions can put a strain on their implicit trust. The long-term impact of these disagreements can be a lowering of self-esteem.

  1. There’s so much choice

Given the scope of available digital matching sites, covering every possible permutation of relationships, many singles are just not ready to settle. There’s so much choice out there, they are always wondering if more attractive propositions might come along.

  1. Keep your options open

Finally, the greatest argument for singles opting to go down the “no strings” route is because it leaves the door open to so many adventures. Many people wish to savor a diverse range of experiences.


As has been amply illustrated, a lot of singles instinctively gravitate towards “no strings” relationships. They might not have reached a time in their lives where they are ready to settle and remain looking for new challenges. Whether that’s the thought of exotic holidays to South Asia or keeping their romantic options open, this doesn’t have to be a long-term solution. Singles will always have the option to consider reassessing their priorities later. After all, even with casual flings, there’s always the possibility of chemistry developing into something much more meaningful!

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